“Wake Up Call”

Having been given a cancer prognosis I would find myself living each day with more appreciation of my time. This would include the people in my life and the things I enjoyed doing. I wouldn’t let the “little things” nor the “big things” bother me as much. I would certainly be living more in the moment and what positive attributes that moment consisted of. Equally important, I would think and act to best share and contribute what gifts, skills and talents I possess, if I were physically able to. I would also consider this prognosis as a “wake up call” to address how to change the way I care for my health, my outlook on my life and the way in which I react to life’s events. I would view this as a time to expand my spiritual outlook on life as a whole and spend more time going within myself. I would take more time to meditate and practice stress reduction techniques and do my best to simplify my daily activities. I would seriously consider natural alternatives to chemo, radiation and surgery.

To learn more about alternative treatment I would speak with Dr.’s in the field of naturopathy and East Indian and Chinese medicine. I would cleanse my system and change my diet to one that is recommended for cancer patients such as fresh vegetable juices and organic foods. I would also educate myself on the particular type of cancer I had and what the success rates were in extending my life when utilizing a natural approach. I would compare the information to conventional treatments success rates of reversing or slowing down the cancer in my body. I would also do a lot of research online and probably reach out to a cancer group to attend for support. Some of these are changes that I will make now, whether I have cancer or not, as a new way of being at one with life.

By: Lionheart, Angelique

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