Journal Of Intelligence

Journal of Intelligence

Faced with the horrible diagnosis of incurable cancer is unbarring. Learning and being proactive about the illness is the best cure. Knowing what the cancer is, what the cancer does, and how it reacts to certain treatments is key. Talking to many doctors as specialists, talking with other individuals on what works for them, and researching the disease would be the first steps to take towards handling with the prognosis. Making a decision on the treatment would be the most crucial decision.

After researching the deadly disease on the Internet, in Libraries, and on blogs, getting in contact with specialist would be the next step. Specialists are specialists for a reason; they have been educated on a certain subject more than any other person. Each specialist has their own opinion on the treatment and disease itself. Questions such as which treatment would be best for my situation, and is chemotherapy and radiation treatment really going to prolong the little life I have left? Questions like that are going to make the doctor give their opinion from their heart not just from their mind. After collecting the in-depth recordings from each doctor, a journal would be made, containing all the intelligence from each of the interviews. Also present would be the pros and cons to each treatment, and how they would directly affect my cancer. Also interviewing other cancer patients would to vital to the decision. Talking with them about who their doctors were, if they liked them if they did not like them, also asking questions regarding their treatment and how they reacted to it. The feedback from the personal interviews would also be kept in the journal. The journal would thus hold the final decision.

If chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery would make the few months or years of my life miserable and not worth while, declining that decision would be a must. The last few moments of my life should be loving, free of misery and paid. Chemotherapy and radiation have negative side-effects such as nausea, as where surgery has nasty side-effects as well, where talking and walking might have to be re-learned. Suffering from the negative side-effects of a supposed treatment out weights the benefits, it is not considered a good treatment in my book, thus looking outside the normal cancer treatment boundaries would be in my everyday routine. Looking at natural supplements, exercising, and various events that could be interpreted into my everyday life would help guide my utmost final decision. These findings would also be jotted down into the massive journal of intelligence.

To make the final most important decision of the treatment would be held in the journal. The journal has everything needed to make the treatment decision. After much time spent on reading and re-reading the journal a list would be created, of the treatments that would be best suited for me from paramount to most unlikely decision.

By: Lyngar, Riley

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