Tomorrow Is Not Promise

Tomorrow is Not Promise: Essay for Mr. James O’Connor

I could never imagine what everyday living is in the eyes of James “Rhio” O’Connor, but I do know that he has to be one of the strongest individuals that I have ever heard of. I could try and place myself in his shoes and try to see if there would be anything different that I would do to survive a deadly cancer, but I would be a hypocrite. I see myself overcoming obstacles that many people have the luxury of not going through. Mr. O’Connor is a walking example of ways to turn negatives things into positive. I see myself admiring how he out lived his prognosis by six years. Not many people can say that they take challenges and go with it.

I think if I was every placed in his situation, I wouldn’t know what I would do. However, I would probably live everyday like it was my last. I would want to make sure that every second I lived was accounted for. I think that it’s not every day where you are diagnosed with something so deadly. I could see myself informing people of the prognosis’ and teaching them ways to research any disease or illness that they might have, or someone in their family might have. I would not sit alone and cry about what my life is about. I would spend as much as time with family and close loved ones. My lifestyle would change for the better. I could not imagine knowing if next year was guaranteed.

I think that Mr. O’Connor overcame an obstacle in his life that a lot of people would get scared of. I feel as if many people are hit with things that tend to make or break their lives within hours, and all it takes is a little of understanding and dedication to overcome the life that God intends for us to live. Not everything in life will be a smooth ride, we just have to sit back and buckle our seat belts to enjoy our journey.

By: McClendon, Jabrylle

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