Scared To Death

To be given a “death sentence” from something like cancer would be unimaginable. The word “cancer” alone is horrifying because of the overwhelming negativity surrounded with it. There’s a great chance of suffering, pain and even death when dealing with cancer. However, for a man like James “Rhio” O’Connor to not accept the inevitable circumstances of his cancer is by far one of the most inspiring and lifting stories I have ever heard. If I put myself in Rhio’s shoes, I know exactly how I would have reacted upon my diagnosis: scared to death. I would have unknowingly put my body through even more damage because of the emotional stress, fear and anxiety of cancer. However, knowing what I know now about the power of the positive mind and what natural remedies can do for the body, I imagine that these were the reasons Rhio lived longer.

Like Rhio, if I were diagnosed with a cancer like Mesothelioma I would have to “step outside of the box” and tell myself that cancer is NOT a death sentence. I would have to convince myself that this cancer is not going to control my life. My body, mind and soul are too powerful for the cancer to take over, and that it’s not my time. To me, being the higher power in your own life is the first step to the power of positive thinking. It would be difficult to accomplish, but to have a positive mind through such a great ordeal would help me to fight the cancer. I imagine that was Rhio’s first step.

Conducting my research would be my first initial action. I would research everything about Mesothelioma; what it is, what it does, how did I get it, and what my options are. I would research my history to find out when I was exposed to something that could have caused my cancer like Asbestos. My resources would be through the library system because of the legitimate information from books instead of the internet. I would ask several doctors instead of just one about what they know of mesothelioma and get second opinions.

Upon my research, I would make the decision to try and cure my cancer through natural methods. I would visit a homeopathic doctor before taking anyone else’s advice. I would visit natural remedy stores and talk to the employees there about who has taken what for cancer and has survived. I would change my diet immediately and learn what foods and nutrients are required for my body.

Upon the research that I’ve already done, I’ve learned that Coenzyme Q10 is one of the more important types of supplements to take because it improves cellular oxygenation within the cells, which is where mesothelioma can occur. An anti-inflammatory called methylsulfonylmethane works as a powerful cancer prevention agent. Also, high amounts of Vitamin A are required for those with cancer. Of course I would be eating fruits and vegetables that contain the most important vitamins I would need like plenty of tomatoes (for the Lycopene, an antioxidant source of vitamin A that protects cells from oxidants associated with cancer).

Along with proper nutrition, I would get regular exercise. Exercising would get my blood pumping throughout my body, which would circulate harmful cancer cells out as well as slow its process down. I would probably do yoga to relieve the stress and anxiety.

As far as choosing treatment, I would research my options. For example, I know that chemotherapy kills the bad cells in my body but would also damage the good. Chemotherapy would be an option I would avoid if possible.

I would try to avoid X-rays or MRI because they are forms of ionizing radiation and have the potential of low-level radiation leakage.

Considering I would be trying to make natural choices of healing my body, surgery is a decision I would have to think over. Surgery would be an option for me if there were severe tumors involved and had to be removed. Otherwise, if I did have any tumors, I would take a supplement called Shark Cartilage which has been shown to inhibit and even reverse the growth of some tumors.

Another problem I would have to consider is the controversy of Eastern remedies versus Western remedies as well. From my understanding, it would be very easy for an American doctor to convince me or anyone with cancer that the only options are chemotherapy, prescription drugs and to prepare for my death. At what point would I or someone like me decide that western medicine is better than eastern medicine? That’s when I would have to once more “step outside the box” and decide for myself. Knowledge is power and I would only be doing more damage to myself by being ignorant to anything that could possibly save my life. I would have to weigh out my options and put my life into my own hands.

In conclusion, the steps that Rhio took to rid of his cancer were far more advanced than anyone I had ever seen. I would know because I work at a natural remedies store. I have seen and heard the stories of people curing their cancer naturally as well as speaking to people about “weaning” off their doctor-prescribed medication and switching to natural alternatives. Many people are skeptical about what I have to say. However, since I imagine that Rhio used some natural alternative at one point, he speaks for me and what I have to say. Also, I personally am a firm believer that when caught at the right time, cancer can be cured. More importantly, cancer can be prevented. Through regular check-ups, proper nutrition and exercise, cancer may never actually be a part of my life. This, of course, is because I believe in the power of self knowledge and a positive attitude. Hopefully what I gained from Rhio’s story is knowledge that can be used for someone else fighting for their life.

By: McGaughey, Kelli

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