Mr. Meso

James O’Connor, also known as “Rhio” at the age of sixty one discovered through his doctor that he had only had a year left before his death due to Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a type of a cancer that’s affects the internal organs of the body when one is exposed to asbestos. However, through his strong determination he survived for another seven years in his lifetime. Rhio was determined to fight this cancer and live longer by changing some eating habits and following some traditional treatments. Similarly, like the determination that Rhio had, my determination has helped me accomplish some major goals in my lifetime as well. Although, others around me thought it was impossible, I always thought that it was absolutely possible to achieve anything in life with great amount of fortitude and courage. Rhio was frequently asked by his peers of how he was going to handle Mr.Meso. Rhio referred Mesothelioma as Mr.Meso. In order to answer their questions it inspired him to write a book called They Said Months, I Chose Years: A Mesothelioma Survivor’s Story. In this book he wrote about how he lived with Mr.Meso and some of his science reasons of how he lived seven more years than expected. In this book he also mentioned about hundred medical articles researching about Mr.Meso. Most of the survivors of Mesothelioma lean towards radiation or chemotherapy as a treatment to this cancer but, Rhio did not. In fact, he searched for other methods to treat his cancer which did not involve the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation like fatigue and nausea. Rhio spent several hours fighting his prognosis by researching about his deadly cancer. By researching about his cancer and getting help from his clinicians he boosted his immune system and his overall health. While taking help from his clinicians he changed his eating habits and started taking different health supplements in order to fight his cancer. If I was diagnosed with this cancer, I would take advantage of every opportunity to gain information about my cancer. I would take every benefit to go to my college’s database and go to public libraries to research more about my cancer, and its treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. I am very fortunate to be living in a century where there is so much information regarding my cancer. Another advantage I would take is to read Rhio’s book for making my healthy eating plan as well as gaining some more information on alternative treatments for my cancer. Similar to Rhio, I would also try to avoid Chemo and Radiation because I do not want to have my last breath in the hospital. Instead, I would rather have it with my loved ones around me. After getting enough information and researching about my dire diagnosis I would first indentify pros and cons about each alternative and treatments then make my final decision. By doing some intense research and getting help from my doctors and clinicians I would not make my life shorter but would instead gain the strong determination to live my life to the fullest. Just as Rhio did, I also would publish a book describing all the hardships I faced as well as my eating plan. Moreover I would also include the information about the research I conducted regarding my cancer, to help the other cancer patients in this world. As Rhio spent his breath in this world, he lived his life to the fullest and I really admire him for not choosing chemotherapy or radiation but instead for choosing a traditional method and therefore he lived seven more wonderful years. Now, many others in this world will try to emulate him and follow his footsteps in the future. Cancer does not have power to determine one’s death; it takes motivation and one’s fortitude to determine one’s death.

By: Mody, Jinkle

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