Wisdom And Determination

When put into a situation where the choices are life or death great potential and wisdom are brought out of a person. As a Christian, I know that when faced with any problem there is a God who cares about me. It would still be a trial if faced with cancer and something I would have to learn to discipline myself about and manage daily, but I would not give up on this gift of life. I have seen family members and those around me go through cases of cancer, and they keep fighting. I have learned a lot about using holistic and alternative medicines when treating cancer, and I have seen and learned of the harm chemotherapy can cause to the body, physically and mentally.

Oncologists continue to support chemotherapy and radiation, but I would not put my body through those types of treatments. These treatments kill the body’s useful multiplying cells, such as: bone marrow, the digestive system, and the reproductive system. They do kill cancerous cells, but it first makes your immune system too weak to fight against any cancer cells that may survive. I would detox my body of any heavy metals, and use juicing and take supplements. I would refuse to take any type of conventional medicines or treatments, vowing to stick with the natural treatments until the end. Keeping high levels of Vitamin C and D in the body at all times would help me to protect my body from cancer, and help keep my immune system strong through the healing process. I would ask holistic doctors about all their procedures and why they are so beneficial to the body and find other natural treatments, which may have been found and tested, but may not have been publicized.

Along with keeping my body physically strong, I would make sure I kept my mind guarded and strong as well. I would surround myself with people who were supportive and would not listen to the words of people who have negative ways of thinking. I would not allow myself to get into a state of depression, but would continue to have a positive attitude and would be consistent on exercising my body to help rid it of all toxins. I would continue to believe and know that the sickness and disease upon my body would not be the one to take my life. I would view it as a chance to strengthen my character, my walk with God, and my appreciation for the ones around me.

My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer along with my aunt. My aunt made the decision to go through with chemotherapy and died a month later, but my grandmother went through surgery, and then went holistic and 17 months later she is still living strong. I would get involved with Hallelujah Acres, a program that offers holistic diets, and courses to help teach you how to incorporate those diets into your everyday life along with spiritual coaching and encouragement. I will train myself in being a wiser person, and continue to walk out the choices I had made for using holistic treatment no matter how tough the decisions would be. James “Rhio” O’Conner was a man of great wisdom and determination for not giving up on his life even though others gave up on him.

By: Molinar, Carly

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