Mental And Spiritual Aspect

It’s 7:00am and you wake to the buzz of an alarm. You roll over to turn it off and lay back down. Staring out the window, you see the blue of the sky and the fluffy white of the cumulus clouds that have formed on the horizon. The trees dance quietly outside as you rise to your feet and head to the shower. As the water streams down your face, you start singing your favorite song and go over the list of things you need to complete for the day. When you are finished, you begin to dry off with a towel and notice a lump on your body. It’s abnormal. Fear rushes to the surface as you begin to question what it is. Your anxiety builds as you sit down to call a loved one to talk it over. It is decided that you need to call your doctor and make an appointment to get it checked out. The next weeks involve a lot of worry, doctors, tests, and the conclusion is drawn: you have cancer. Research has shown that targeting and getting rid of cancer cells as well as boosting the immune system and having a spiritual support system are the best ways to treat and cure cancer.

There are many ways that doctors can target cancer cells. A common method is chemotherapy. Unfortunately in many cases, chemotherapy is more dangerous and lethal than the cancer itself. A new way of zapping cancer cells is with Insulin Potentiation Therapy. IPT is a low dose method, or a watered down version of chemotherapy. Another powerful method that aids in killing cancer is large doses of intravenous vitamin c. Infrared saunas have also been known to kill cancer cells due to extreme temperatures and by releasing chemical toxins from the body while increasing oxygenation. Because cancer cells are anaerobic, they detest oxygen. Exercise is a great way to oxygenate the body. Some doctors even use oxygenation therapy to filter and purify the blood with high doses of oxygen.

The body is equipped to fight cancer. We have the cure within us. It’s called “The Immune System.” Nutrition is a key component to healthy immunity. It’s important to note that what goes into the body needs to be as natural and pure as possible. A good guideline is to eat foods that are as natural as falling from a tree or picked straight off a plant. The more a food is processed or cooked, the worse it is for you. This also goes for abundances of animal protein. There is a lot of research that holds animal protein accountable for many of the cancers we see today. Most nutritionists agree that a vegetarian diet is the best lifestyle for optimum health. Some foods that are rich in cancer fighting vitamins and minerals are: lemon, garlic, ginger, watercress, green tea, broccoli sprouts, sesame seeds, cabbage, and flax seed oil for salad dressings. Kombucha tea, oxysilver, and green vegetable juicing are also said to be immune boosting.

It is important to incorporate a mental and spiritual aspect into the circle of overall wellness. There have been countless studies that have shown meditation is stress relieving, immune boosting, and spirit lifting. Yoga can also be incorporated into meditation practices as it is a form of meditation that brings energy to an individual as well as completing and making the body, mind and soul as one. Yoga and meditation helps to maintain anxiety, worry, depression, body aches and aids in restful sleep, all of which is incredibly important to maintain the immune system. Laughter, keeping in good spirit, praying, having faith and sensing a higher power can work miracles too.

When dealing with cancer and many other ailments and diseases, it is important to make the person whole again – body mind and spirit. With the story of James “Rhio” O’Connor and his battle with asbestos induced Mesothelioma, it is quite obvious he was flowing with his instincts and a sheer drive for not taking “death” as an answer. Society has put so many sick people inside an incorrect box of fear when dealing with cancer. O’Connor’s way of researching and thinking outside of that box is inspiring, and kept him alive years after his deadly prognosis. To give hope to others, it is important that his story is heard.

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By: Murphy, Tiffany

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