My Research For My Treatment Is Myself

One of the lowest points in someone’s life is probably when they are diagnosed with cancer. James O’Connor was diagnosed with cancer of the mesothelium, which is a membrane that covers and protects the internal organs of the body. Mr. O’Connor had mesothelioma, which caused the cells of the mesothelium to become abnormal and divide without control. O’Connor didn’t find out he had mesothelioma till he went into surgery for an umbilical hernia, but was given the grim news that he had mesothelioma. This is usually the case with most cancers; they go unnoticed till the person get an x-ray or goes into surgery for a different reason.

Mr. O’Connor’s diagnosis was severely sudden and grim. Going in for a routine surgery and coming out with the news of cancer is almost like a shot to the heart. If I ever get this diagnosis handed to me I would be devastated. I would cry and get my family together to tell them the bad news. Having my family there to support me through this last adventure in my life is an important aspect for me to have. When I look back on my life now, I don’t see any suffering in it so I don’t want to suffer for the last part of my life. Yes I want to live, but I want to “live.” I want to go out and do what I want to do. I don’t want to sit in a chair with an IV in my arm slowly poisoning me. I want to go and explore the world and help people who are in need. The world has given me so much an amazing family, wonderful friends, and a beautiful place to live, and now I have to give it back. Not wallow in pain and fear of when I’m going to die. I’m going to be out in the world enjoying the sunlight swimming in the ocean till I can’t walk anymore, and then maybe I will end up in a hospital bed.

My research for my treatment is myself. What do I think will be good for me? I live a relatively healthy lifestyle now running for the cross country and track teams at my college. I eat fruits and vegetables everyday and make sure I drink plenty of water. I will definitely have my mom help me with my diet. She had colon cancer 2 years ago and had to have a foot of her colon removed. Her diet was severely changed since her digestive system can’t handle some of the things she used to eat. She drinks a lot of tea and whenever I’m sick with a cold she’s there with a large mug full of tea with honey. My mom will definitely be one of the people that I will confide in and get information about different diets and foods to eat, and living under her lifestyle has “rubbed off” on me. I also believe in what you put out into the universe you get back. For example, if you know you will get worse and you will get very sick from the cancer you will get sick and worse from the cancer. If you think that you will be fine and live your life and not dwell on it, then you will be perfectly fine. I think it’s a waste of energy to worry about when I will die. If you didn’t have cancer you would look like a crazy person worrying when you’re going to die. Everyone’s going to die at sometime. It could be tomorrow or it can be 10 years from now. Diagnosis or not, everyone dies.

It may seem like I’m being selfish and all for myself, but that’s how I deal with problems. I become strong and pull all of my emotions inside myself. The one reason I don’t want to go through chemo or radiation is because I don’t want my family and friends and especially my boyfriend to see me worn out and sad. I have seen some of my family members and my boyfriend in the hospital and it just hurts to see them like that. I want to be strong for them and I want to live my life in the world, not in the hospital. I will change my diet, my attitude, and my outlook on life to live as long as I possibly can. And if my time ends in a year or 10 years I will be happy with the time I had left to spend with my family and friends.


By: Naylon, Jordyn

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