Wish Me Luck!

What steps would you take if you were given a dire cancer prognosis? How would you conduct your research and make an informed decision when choosing a treatment? Would you look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery if they had little to offer? What resources would you use to make an informed decision?

Actually, I had been given a prognosis in 2006 that I had Ovarian Cancer. Which the tumors where located in my ovaries, uterus and cervix. Once I got over the words spoken from my doctor. I laughed at first and said, “No way”. But the words here repeated and think I grabbed my purse to run. But was stopped by my long time ob-gyn; who grabbed me and told me to seat down and allow the words to take form. Then after several minutes he wanted me to listen to him.

As he spoke I felt I was sinking deeper into the chair. I don’t think I heard over half of what he said. Because I cried and said, “I was too young, aren’t I?” I felt alone, tired all of a sudden a drained. I do remember the doctor telling me I could hang out in the exam room until I could get myself together. I do remember going to sleep and being shaken awake by his nurse who brought me a folder with tons of information the office had. Give me some flexeril (muscle relaxers to take when I get home) and told me to call the office as soon as I got home so they would know I got there safely. I will say I don’t know how or when I got home (my angels guided is my conclusion)

The next day after calling out for the last 2 days of the week of work, I got up and started reading the file folder. A lot of interesting things enclosed, along with names of specialist to make appointments for second and third opinions with, as well as a copy of my medical chart to take to these appointments. A list of counselors I could talk too when ready and an open appointment to the local Cancer Center.

I booted up my laptop and went to the Susan G Kormen Cancer Site. This name came from one of the brochures’ enclosed in the file folder. After spending several hours engrossed in the information; I was directed to several other sites. I spent over 12 hours on the computer and I needed to get out of the hours. I went to Daddy’s I needed someone to talk too. I told him everything and cried in his lap. Dad is always there to give a hug and tell me it will be ok. After discussing everything with him, it came down to 1. Need to pray, 2. Tell my Mom, 3. Go get the other opinion. 4. Call a cancer counselors to talk too someone who has gone through the same thing.

Getting through “THE TALK” with Mom, her wanting to make and go to the second opinion with me. During the second opinion, I learned that the tumors where small and would the finding and testing of these tumors were done early. Which lead me to call a family and friends conference! I informed my partner, my child, my sister, my best friends, my Daddy and Step-Mom, what was said and what I had decided to do at the 2nd opinion. I will have a hysterectomy. In the second opinion it was told that this was caught early. The tumors are small and can be removed but a hysterectomy will need to be done in order prevent any tumors. I had 2 weeks to prepare for surgery and a 6 to 8 week bed rest after.

Now I know I am not giving a lot but I am one of the lucky ones, who were able to catch this early. Early enough that I didn’t have to go through chemo, but have to be very carefully and staying in tune with my body and staying on top of all my appointments.

Neither my reaction nor the research I could change. I am blessed with my physician who made sure I was sane before I left, gave me so much information and where to look for more information and names and numbers of so many others I could call. When a person is giving news like that. You don’t know how to react; don’t know what to do or where to go. But with a great and supportive group of medical people and family, makes this page in my life better.

I want and desire stability, no more lay offs. I am currently enroll to get my first ever dual BS degree in Applied Computer Science and Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Technology and a dual minor in Medical Technology and Business Administration from Troy University. I will be able to work in the Medical Field hopefully in Organ Preservation and or Forensic Computer Technician. Everyone knows the medial field is the best field to be in and have the most openings as well as longevity. I am in the mist of finishing my ACS studies for which I have always been captivated by how to work via web development, database design and program analysis. The business administration will help in the supervisor position I will later apply for in 5 years. The medical technology and biomedical is for the organ preservation. I will learn what organs are good for donor ship. How to detect a preserved organ for transplant and or how to ship the organ to it’s new home.

Wish me luck!

By: Nesbitt, Vicki Y.

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