To Hope, To Believe, And To Pursue

I have been told that I have one year to live. The cancer was at its deadliest and there were no other solutions for treatment. I should prepare myself for good-bye.

This is what Rhio O’Connor heard many years before his death. Many years. He was told that he was to live one more year, but Rhio O’Connor survived an incurable cancer for many years to come. He has showed many a self-made miracle. To hope, to believe, and to pursue. These are the key elements to survival.

If I had merely one more year to live, I wouldn’t lose hope. What would be the point to relinquish life before it has relinquished you? Why not maintain hope? Rhio O’Connor actively searched a means of survival. He was determined to live, and he achieved his goal. I, on the other hand, would not engage in such profound research for my survival. Instead, I would push away the condition that has been threatening me for so long. I would tell all that I have hope. Hope.

Psychologically, individuals are high influenced by belief. God saved the life of one, while luck saved the life of another. Either way, individuals attribute belief to one source or another. For me, I would believe in myself. I would believe in my own strength. My emotional strength. I would believe in survival. The thought of death may cross my mind, but I would do my best to keep it far from my beliefs. I would tell all that I am going to get better. I would tell all that the doctors are wrong. I would tell all that I believe in my survival. Belief.

Hope and belief combined are an incredible source of strength. Even stronger is the contribution of pursuing goals and dreams. If I was told that I was to die soon, I would pursue all of the goals that I would have wished to achieve in my life time. When there is so much time, individuals tend to expand that time and act slowly on goals and dreams. We assume that there will be time later. However, when one is forced to confront death, time is shortened. Therefore, I would use that shortened time to act on my desires. Personally, I would go into Africa and help child-soldiers. I would attempt to climb Mount Everest with my mother. I would voyage to New Zealand and bungee jump. What do I have to lose? Instead of bringing me closer to death, my cancer has brought me closer to life. Pursue.

Like Rhio O’Connor, I would refuse to acknowledge my upcoming death. Instead, I would hold onto hope for recovery. I would believe in my own survival. I would pursue my goals and dreams. And maybe, just maybe, I would survive many more years to come. Just like Rhio O’Connor.

By: Olson, Alex

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