Living With Cancer Would Be A Challenge

Living with Cancer

Terminal cancer…I hope that I never hear those words. Researching what treatments I could undergo, from chemotherapy to alternative medicine and picking a treatment option is not something that I would do lightly but I would want to be able to make an informed decision about what treatment to undergo. Being able to make an informed and active choice in my treatment and getting the best treatment for the type of cancer I have would give me motivation and drive.

People react to diseases differently so fighting a particular cancer will differ person to person. I would want to find the one that works best for me. I would begin by researching treatments that keep the immune system strong while fighting the disease as effectively as possible. Finding out about the types of treatments available and ways to help my body resist disease would be crucial. Chemotherapy can have very negative effects on the body, especially the immune system. Trying to find ways to limit the dosage and effects of chemotherapy would be a prime concern.

Next, I would make appointments with cancer specialists to talk to them and hear their opinions about the most recent and best options for treatment and what they personally think about my specific situation. Searching out and talking to people who had survived my type of cancer or outlived the diagnosis they were given would give me especially valuable information. They will have gone through some version of what I am going through. Their insights into the situation would be extremely valuable and give me a more concrete base for choosing what type of treatment to use.

Talking to my doctor about the options I found and getting the doctor’s opinion on the issue would be very important. Her or his recommended opinion and approach to curing the cancer would have an impact on my choice of treatment.

I have been brought up in a household that practices alternative medicine, such as natural herbal remedies and energy work. By using these, I could help bring chemical balance back to my body and help to cleanse my body of the cancer. By carefully monitoring my diet and trying to keep my energy synchronized and in a positive place, I would help to restore my body’s natural balance. Doing these things even if I do use chemotherapy would help to keep the negative effects to a minimum. These practices would help keep my body in balance which would definitely help in treating the cancer.

Informing my church about the cancer and asking for prayer and support is a step that I would take as soon as diagnosed. The prayers and support that my church sent out would have a very uplifting effect on my spirit and attitude. There is some speculation that prayer can help heal those who are prayed for. Even if none of that is true, it would make me feel better and more at ease about the situation. That in and of itself is a precious gift. Finding a way to maintain a positive attitude is key to finding the strength and fortitude to keep going. It is sometimes what determines if you live or die.

People think that surgery and chemotherapy are the only ways to treat cancer. They are not always effective, sometimes have extremely negative effects, and don’t always work. I think people like Rhio O’Connor who take an active role in their treatment are admirable for their perseverance in getting as involved as possible in the treatment of cancer, in his case mesothelioma. It was very apparent while reading his story at that his focus on living instead of dying was a very important part of surviving his prognosis for so long.

I would set my affairs in order so that if I did die there would be no confusion and the transition would be as easy as possible for my family and friends. Traveling to see family and spend time with them would be very important to me as well. Being with family and loved ones is something that would give me comfort. I would travel the world to see some of its wonders like the Pyramids, the Amazon, and the Himalayas to name three. Trying to enjoy what time I have left would be very important to me.

In the end, getting as much information as possible and being an active and informed patient is the best thing that can be done. Keeping a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with love and people who care for you has an importance that can’t be overstated. Living with cancer would be a challenge. Though it would not be easy, by staying positive and having an active presence in the treatment process you can beat the odds.

By: Ott, Samuel

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