Be Positive In Any Situations

When James “Rhio” O’Connor was faced with a deadly cancer prognosis, he looked into non-traditional cancer treatments and outlived his prognosis by seven and a half years. The situation that O’Connor faced would be difficult for anyone to deal with, but instead of having a negative attitude about the situation, he remained optimistic and looked into alternative treatments. If I was faced with a dire cancer prognosis as O’Connor did, I would follow his great example.

I think it would be extremely difficult to receive any type of cancer diagnosis. Cancer is a disease that is not greatly understood. Fear is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of cancer. Despite all of the emotions and fear, I would try to follow in O’Connor’s footsteps. If I was diagnosed with cancer, I would look beyond traditional treatments such as chemo, radiation, and surgery. These treatments can be effective at treating cancer, but they do have negative side effects. For example, one gentleman I know received traditional treatments for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, he lost eye sight in one eye and his eye sight decreased in the other. He also is very weak now and he has fallen quite a few times as a result.

I have read several articles and books that describe dietary changes that can cure cancer and I have known people with cancer who had horrible effects from traditional treatments. If I was given a cancer prognosis, the first thing I would do is start doing research right away like O’Connor did. He did not let himself get too down about his prognosis, but he immediately started researching alternative treatments. I would start my research by reading O’Connor’s book “They Said Months, I Chose Years: A Mesothelioma Survivor’s Story.” I would start with this book because it is a real story of someone who was brave and survived. I would read and learn as much as I could. I would go online and look up all the information I could find for alternative cancer treatments. Next I would research the best doctors to help me in my journey as someone with cancer. I would look up good doctors online and I would go to each one to hear their opinion. I work for a chiropractor and I do a lot of nutrition research for him. I work closely with our representative from one of the companies that we order most of our supplements from. She would be one of the people who I would talk to and see what kind of protocol she could suggest to me.

I would focus on the same things that O’Connor did. The first challenge would be to take all the supplements I was prescribed regularly. I would also watch my diet. That would be hard because there are a lot of things that I enjoy eating that I would no longer be able to, but it would be for my health and that is more important to me than eating a cheeseburger for example. The hardest part for me would be the “mind” component. As a busy college student, I have trouble finding time for myself even to relax and unwind for just a few minutes at the end of the day. I realize the importance of the mind in every aspect of life especially something as traumatic as a cancer diagnosis. I believe the mental and emotional side of any situation is half the battle. I am sure it is not easy swallowing 100 supplements a day or having such a restricted diet. There were probably days when O’Connor felt like giving up, but he persevered. I am truly impressed by his bravery and optimism. I believe that James “Rhio” O’Connor is a great example to live by, not only for someone with cancer, but in every day life. He was faced with something so horrible and he believed in himself and the research he had done. If he can be positive the situation he was faced with, I know I can learn to be positive in any situations I face no matter how big or small. I think that everyone can learn something from his example.

By: Peebles, Jennifer

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