I Would Hope For The Best

If I were diagnosed with cancer, I would hope for the best. It is easy for me, someone who has not had to experience cancer first hand, to say that I would not let it effect my life, but I know that I would not let cancer discourage me. My grandmother is a two time cancer survivor, and if she could make it, then anything is possible. I know that having such a substantial weight on your shoulders must be devastating, but I also know that everyday we are presented with challenges, no matter how big or small. All that matters in the end is how you choose to handle them. In the end, if I was told by a doctor that my life will soon come to an end, I would only have to choices: Enjoy my life to the fullest and hope for the best, or dwell on what is the worst case scenario. Thanks to GOD, I have not had to go though too many difficulties in life, but I plan on doing my best in the future, no matter what is to come.

By: Phillip, Rahmaan James

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