The Power Of Mind, Spirit And Strength

James “Rhio” O’Connor’s story, sharing his survival of “a cancer death sentence” per doctor orders is indeed inspiring. It confirms the power of mind, spirit and strength of our natural will to live. I love it! His journey is a testament that there are natural alternatives, available to everyone, that will improve, reverse, if not cure our severest health ailments. And in his case, alternatives that proved a better option than that proposed by his medical doctor. Keep in mind that by medical standards a cancer victory is measured at a five-year survival rate. Well, contrast that with Mr. O’Connor’s results, using self researched alternative methods he lived eight years after diagnosis. Amazing, and I will tell you why.

James “Rhio” O’Connor had mesothelioma cancer. This cancer is lethal and it attacks the membranes surrounding the lungs, heart and abdominal cavity. Seventy-five percent of mesothelioma cancers start in the chest cavity and up to 20% starts in the abdomen. It is the most serious of all the asbestos type diseases and very difficult to diagnose; even harder to treat. Although mesothelioma is uncommon, it is not rare. More common in men in their 60s, mesothelioma has also been diagnosed in women and young children. This cancer results from exposure to asbestos in ones environment or occupation, i.e., asbestos product plants and shipbuilding facilities.

Living eight years after diagnosis, when the medical world suggested you give up, is huge. They offered him no hope, so he found hope for himself and he survived. James “Rhio” O’Connor’s experience offers peace of mind and that same hope to so many hopeless people who don’t know where to go or what to do beyond traditional medicine. That’s empowering, And, I wish I had learned of Mr. O’Connor and his approach earlier.

A few years ago, I drove my father to a well known and respected hospital near my home, thinking he was severely dehydrated and needed an IV, nutrients and perhaps a short stay in the hospital. I looked forward to bringing him home and nourishing him back to health. No reason to think otherwise, he wasn’t on any medications and had a long history of being strong and healthy. After an hours’ drive when we reached the hospital and he requested a wheel chair, my concern intensified. Upon admittance, I knew he would soon be diagnosed and treated and I was relieved.

Hearing the words, “You have cancer” is terrifying. Learning “its stage 4 and a discharge to hospice in pending” is overwhelming. But that’s exactly what we were told a few days later. Where does one turn when the medical worlds’ recommendation for you is “prepare to die”? Heaven help the person who ever has to travel that road alone.

Driving home to prepare for the hospice equipment and my dad, I felt lost and angry. I decided to reject this insensitive forecast with every fiber of my being. I viewed the hospitals actions as abrupt and rude, while exhibiting the compassion of discarding garbage. I began to pray for help and direction because I did not know what to do, my dad was in no condition to explore solutions and I wasn’t about to let go. Arriving home I performed endless internet searches until I found a site specifically addressing my urgent need and offering an immediate plan of action. I picked up as many items as possible in the limited time I had to shop, returned home and continued to read.

That evening the hospice nurse arrived, expressed her condolences and offered her opinion as fact. She declared, based on over 25 years of experience, my father would not be alive past Thursday. This day was Sunday, that meant Thursday was four days away. Her insanity was contrary to my beliefs and immediately rejected as ridiculous. With the equipment delivered and connected, my father settled in and everyone departed, I share our plan. I explained his role was to slowly sip via straws everything I gave him throughout the day. I had him promise he would wake up tomorrow and with calm eyes he assured me he would. If ever in life there is a time to be selfish, that time belongs to the terminally ill. It requires an enormous amount of time, energy, effort and a committed caregiver, but what a priceless gift to offer anyone in need.

No room for error and all of my faith lying in these printed pages, we began. I was using several treatments, all of which respectively had yielded results. In brief, my dad made progress daily and in a few days was walking with the aid of a walker. In less than two weeks he was carrying the walker elevated over his head for exercise. Family, friends and the various hospice workers, couldn’t believe it. We continued on our road to recovery and he was regaining his routine. In a couple of months his appearance was so vibrant, he felt well and looked so healthy that no one believed me when I told them our road to recovery was long. It was hard to convince him and others this ridged restrictive regimen required at minimum a years’ commitment and much tweaking. Approximately seven months later, in the hospital, my father sadly confessed to the gathering of eight or nine doctors and doctors in training surrounding his bed, “Had I stayed on my daughter’s diet, I would not be here.” He passed away at home a couple of weeks later. I will always be grateful for the time I had to prepare. Having discovered James “Rhio” O’Connor’s story and methods, I am certain, based on his cancer and his survival rate that we too would have experienced a similar outcome. His story hits home for me and I can only imagine it does for thousands of others. How sad that our medical establishment, sworn to save lives, would rather send loved people home to die than to offer life extending, if not life saving, alternatives. After all from their viewpoint, what does a dying person have to lose?

Cancer no longer terrifies me because I better understand its link to fungi. Today, if I were diagnosed with cancer, prior to learning about James “Rhio” O’Connor, I would immediately start an 85 to 100% fresh and raw produce diet, drink 85 to 100% freshly juiced vegetables and perhaps a good source of ionized water. Along with this I would start a vigorous regimen of herb supplements and vitamins. I would increase exercise, increase fresh air and sunlight exposure and eliminate stress. Support from loved ones and/or a close friend or two to assist with my decision and regimen is paramount. As well as an alternative care facility for monitoring and assistance. I would continue to pray, giving thanks for my live and affirmation that this mountain will not defeat me. And, I would stay vigilant.

Now, having access to comprehensive formula, a godsend, I would incorporate James “Rhio” O’Connor’s program before I ever considered traditional medicine because: 1. I trust alternative medicine; it works; 2. I believe that cancer is not a death sentence; it can be cured, and 3. I’m opposed to using known cancer causing treatments to treat cancer. I have more confidence in winning this battle armed with methods used by a determined man who refused to put his life in the hands of others, and survived. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery would be a tough choice. Choosing fresh fruits, vegetables, vitamins and herbs producing life within versus toxic chemicals and pills indiscriminately killing everything within, just makes sense. Also, when our medical industry’s treatment fails they prefer to suggest “prepare to die” opposed to “fight for your life is yours; try anything, everything; and by the way, there’s a study from James “Rhio” O’Connor and many others who’ve used alternative medicine and survived” it really makes my decision easy.

At the conclusion of my education, I look forward to providing care, knowledge, resources and plans of actions to those in need of hope, healing, restoration and maintenance tools for their body, mind and spirit. I am so grateful for the testimony of James “Rhio” O’Connor and his courage and willingness to share his footsteps with us. I trust that you too will find them beneficial.

By: Rabb, K. C.

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