Our Limits

Experiencing an especially difficult situation in one’s life often tests our limits. It is a time when a person figures out who they truly are as a person and what their core values and beliefs are.

If I faced a challenge such as being diagnosed with cancer, I would first gather the people around me that are most important and influential on my life. Having this network of support is crucial. Knowing that no matter the battle that lay ahead, I would have these people by my side helping, supporting, praying, and encouraging me to be strong, healthy, and fight the ailment, would be very comforting and reduce a great amount of stress.

Secondly, I would educate myself about the disease. I would take my healthcare in to my own hands. This requires gaining as much information on the disease, various treatments (both traditional and alternative), support treatments, and the healing process. I would speak with people who have survived the disease so I could hear what worked for them. I would speak with various physicians who are knowledgeable and experienced with that specific disease. I would listen to their thoughts and ideas about treatments. I would make it clear to everyone involved in my treatment that it would be a team approach, that all involved would need to work as a team to help me overcome the disease. I would expect everyone to be understanding towards my decisions with regards to treatments whether traditional or alternative.

Since I work in the health care field, I understand how difficult it can be to navigate the healthcare system. I have experienced the importance of being informed and making my own decisions with regards to my plan of care. I also experience firsthand the extra challenges people without health insurance face. The paperwork involved in trying to obtain health insurance for a child from the state is absolutely overwhelming.

I am applying for this scholarship to further my education in health care. I am planning on attending massage therapy education and training. After which, I plan on attending the Canadian College of Osteopathy in order to provide affordable whole body health care to those who desire.

By: Rabenberg, Vicki

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