Alternative Medications

Mr. O’Connor story does inspire me because I truly believe in other alternative medications for cancer. This cancer has always been a concern to me because in my high school art class we worked with asbestos during our jewelry making class, and all schools have asbestos in their walls and floors. When working at a high school in the 1980’s a lot of my fellow employees were diagnosed with cancer, and numerous people have died. We all have awkward summer get together’s at funerals. This is an unfortunate circumstance but avoidable one.

Mr. O’Connor’s cancer is called “Mesothelioma” which is caused from exposure to asbestos. The mestoleium is a membrane that covers most organs. Cancer of mesothelium is a disease in which abnormal cells divide quickly. It happens more in men than in women. Anyone who works around asbestos has a higher than normal rate of contracting this cancer. There is also a risk to other family members of workers who work around asbestos. The dust is carried home on clothes and may be breathed in by family members. The symptoms may vary and may not show up until later in life. These symptoms may be shortness of breath, pain in the chest due to fluid, weight loss, abdominal pain and swelling due to a buildup of fluid in the stomach. Other more severe symptoms may be bowel obstruction, blood clots, anemia and fever. There are a few treatment options; one is removal of the cancer then chemotherapy and radiation. The chemotherapy used is called “Alimta”. It the only one approved through the FDA for this type of cancer.

I truly believe in what Mr. O’Connor did. If I were faced with the same diagnosis I would turn to Chinese and herbal medicine plus go through acupuncture. I would look into changing my diet to help horrible disease. Throughout the years I have had many things happen to me which have been cured and rectified by alternative medicine.

I have a friend who is a naturopathic doctor in Arizona. She has lived with ovarian cancer for years; in turn I have had many friends (from that high school I worked at) that have died from ovarian, breast and stomach cancers. These people had gone through radiation and chemotherapy. The doctor I know has always treated herself with herbal medication and has never had a surgery. I find it very interesting that the United States and the FDA would promote a treatment plan that does not allow the population to live beyond their expected life expectancies, but who will promote a treatment that often kills the patient at an early rate. I feel that if the FDA were to take a whole approach to cancer and other diseases we may find ways to help patients live beyond the expected life expectancies for their diseases.

In school I have learned about FDA approval of medications and the truth about what should be done for cancer, but as Mr. O’Connor found out there are many other forms of alternative medication, which I feel will extend your life. Through this book I feel that Mr. O’Connor proved his point. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer are told that their cancer is not curable but that their life can be extended. But with what quality of life? I have done a lot of research myself on foods and food allergies. What Mr. O’Connor found out about an anti cancer diet is true. By becoming a vegetarian, juicing, and eating raw vegetables. Some naturopathic books have stated that grapes, red grapes, help fight off certain types of cancer. I also use a swig of parsley in every juice drink I make. Like Mr. O’Connor I use organic carrots, and as many fruits and vegetable in my juice that I can.

The steps that I (or if my son was diagnosed) would take would be to read as much material that I could get on the disease. Talk with many doctors, patients and nutritional experts that I could find. My research would be quite extensive. I would check in to hospitals, or doctors that work in the specific field. I would have many questions for them and would conduct a survey of not only the hospitals, but the doctors and some of their patients. I would do research on how long these people lived after their diagnosis, what treatment was done, their life styles, where they lived or worked and what they ate. I would put this all together and come up with a plan. Personally, for myself or my son, I would never allow chemotherapy to enter our body … Doctors may feel that it works, but I feel that it kills the necessary cells that your body needs. If the body has already generated bad cells, you need to help the body regenerate the good cells.

By: Rainforth, Debbie

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