Inspiration To Discover A Cure

The mind and body work together to create incredible results. We in these days of technology can persist freedom to explore different methods to produce results to non-curable diseases such as cancer. Rhio O’Connor is a person who could hold a vision to search deeper when facing extreme conditions. The ability to exchange results for positive respect is inspiration to discover a cure. The young mind does not consider cancer as deeply as a cancer patient. Though, the understanding of technology is something we see the youth to be able to comprehend much faster.

The goal is finding the healthy cure for all. We cannot be easily repaired like a car. We need to focus on the more radical and immediate goals. Chemo therapy is a radical way of inducing radiation for treatment purposes. I to have radical methods I would employ such as employing electrical, laser optical, and sound to improve methods of completely erasing the disease. The strength of our spirit to innovate methods for health is an interesting topic currently because of the vast amount of changes to the world with computer technology. I being a student of technology at the University of Phoenix am proud to put all of my spirit to help the goal of eliminating cancer for patient souls who struggle to remain strong.

If I were to be the contest winner, I would apply all the winnings to my studies for Health Information systems and technology. I would be able to place a small part in the big idea of completing a cure. I would also create a personal bumper sticker for my truck that would promote a cure for cancer in honor of Rhio O’Connor. Thank you for understanding education is the huge difference for our future.

By: Rodriguez, Keith

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