The Death Of Cancer

The Death of Cancer

Well hello my name is Oscar Roberto Rodriguez and I was born in El Paso TX, on the 26th of November in 1990 and I was raised in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Its a small town between El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico.Through out my life i have been noticing a bunch of stuff,and as i grew i understood more and more each thing that got in my way. Except for illnesses such as cancer. Cancer has been in my life since I remember. My family has a big history of diseases for exmple both of my grandparents from my fathers side have diabetes and they get sick alot and my grandma from my mothers side had cancer twice. She had breast cancer and I don’t remember the other one. She passed away two day before my birthday we went to visit her to celebrate my birth day and I ended up seeing her in her death bed I was shocked and everything because I nevered lost anybody in my family before so it was shock.

After my grandmas death i started to think what will i do if get cancer. At first i was like nahhh ill never have cancer. But then i saw all of the commercials on tv and all of the shows on the tv as well. Then i saw the the race for the cure and the wear pink program. Thats when it hit me. Thats when i started thinking of everything. But i dont know what will I do. I cant imagine goin to the doctors office and end knowing that I have cancer. “ Sorry to say but you have cancer” those will be the words that will shock anybody. It dosent matter how tough you think you are. But everybody is afraid of it. And are civilization is being eaten alive by these diseases.

I cant imagine what James Rhio O’Conor felt when they daignosed him with cancer. I bet he felt like the world was over. But he didn’t. he didn’t let the cancer stoping him by living his life. The doctor told him that he had one year to live. Well I hate to tell doc. but he outlived that year with six more years. He defeated his cancer because he believed in him self and other believed in him as well and when u do that you have the power of the whole universe to do and to accomplish anything in the whole world. Like the old saying “nothing is impossible”. Rhio studied cancer from start to finish. He knew everything about the therapies. He knew the side effect of them. He knew all the risk an everything. The he founded a therapeutic protocol with his clinicians.

As for me I think I would of done the same thing that Rhio did. I wouldn’t given up that easy. I always find my way through all of my struggles and they make stronger. I wouldn’t let no cancer or anything else get in my way of living my life. Liofe is to precious to let a stupid disease ruin it for that matter I admire Rhio. He had the guts to punch cancer in the face. Many are scared of cancer and they just let the cancer eat them alive. I don’t know about you but I will rather die fighting than rather to die doin nothing. So I give my blessing to Rhio and his family and may he rest in peace.

By: Rodriguez, Oscar Roberto

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