Walking In Mesothelioma’s Shoes

Walking in Mesothelioma’s Shoes

There are no words to describe the feeling of being diagnose with any type of cancer. What Mr. O’Connor was able to accomplish in such a little time period was very extraordinary; Rhio O’Connor showed great determination and courage once his doctor detected the cancer of mesothelioma. Once I read O’Connor’s story, I felt that all the little issues I have currently going on in my life were relinquished and demolished. For one second, I’m going to try to put myself in Rhio O’Connor’s shoes and describe what he or anybody else that has been or is currently facing cancer would be experiencing just after the news had been received.

I would start to cry and shake of all the infuriating emotions that my brain would be processing. Agony, melancholy, diffusion of the real world, and some sort of denial would be my initial feelings. I would cry for a couple of days with always thinking in “Why me?”, but of course this attitude would do me no good, so I guess I’ll snap out of my misery, loneliness, and lose my selfish attitude. In my mind I would be thinking “Who’s going to take care of my love ones, they have always depended on me for support and morality, I cannot let them down, I will not let me down, I will fight my last gasp of air, and I will somehow prove my doctor’s diagnosis wrong” I might be dying, but in the long run is my love ones that will have to carry such distress and dolor.

After I come out of my state of shock and denial, I’ll find some type of motivation that will keep me from coming down to reality. I’ll start researching the stories of people that have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer and finds how those individuals were able to keep their head up and try to cure this incurable disease. First, I will change my entire lifestyle to adjust to my new life style. By researching what the individuals with cancer in the past have done to prolonged their diagnosis. I would start dieting in the best way possible, so my body doesn’t start deteriorating too fast and I can have more resistance to the depressing decease. A lot of fruits and folic acids would be some of the best choices to eat because it helps the immune system which is important because I don’t want to catch a flu of any kind that would take my mind of my cancer. The diet would also help the cells in my body to reproduce at a more efficient way so my skin or doesn’t start to lose is color which will help against the dangerous UV rays the sun emits. Most people would quit their jobs, but I choose to keep it because I don’t want to show any type of weakness, I won’t become an inferior to the monster inside my body that is 1 million times smaller than me. I wouldn’t quit working because I would need a distraction in that will bring me down to Earth and have me level for a few hours in my day.

During my short period of life, I’ll start coming to realization that my body is becoming weaker no matter what I do. If I see that I keep getting the same diagnosis in Florida, I’ll fly to California to see the top doctors in the nation. In California I’ll start looking for a second opinion to find any new methods that would help my body slow down the cancer from destroying my mesothelium. Mesothelium is a tissue in the body that covers all the organs and protects it from any bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Never giving up hope, no matter what changes my body starts going thru; I know deep inside me that there has to be a cure for this grotesque disease. While in California, I’ll ask all my doctor referrals if is alright to record all of my conversations, because my brain function might start to decay, and if I missed something in the discussion, then I can always rehear my conversation with my recording device. Being real careful of my condition, I’ll start telling my doctors to send out samples of my cancer to other specialist around the world, so I can have an international opinion.

After six months of battle ling this bizarre cancer, my hopes would somehow be going down because no solution has been found. While browsing “Surviving Mesothelioma” online, I realize that there are natural ways of helping the cancer. There was an article talking about a special mushroom name Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM); this mushroom is said to treat cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, and arteriosclerosis. With this great mushroom and the combination of parasympathetic nerve stimulation therapy (PNST) which helps with digestion, the synthesis of glycogen, and promotes normal function and behavior. According “Mesothelioma Disappears After Mushroom Use” the tumor started to disappear after 4 months of the combined therapy of ABM and PNST, the tumor disappeared for four years. Unfortunately in August of 2007, the mesothelioma started to regrow, but the desire of this man wanting to live gave him an extra four years of the initial diagnosis.

The dedication of this brave man to have beaten his diagnosis is Earth shattering and it gives me hope to keep on going with this grotesque disease. Towards the end of my days I would start to say goodbye to the people that have supported me since the beginning of my diagnosis. Mesothelioma is unlikely to be remove by surgery because it spreads like a sheet, instead of becoming a lump like most cancers do, that’s why I didn’t consider surgery and I believe that once the day I don’t wake up would be because the lord chose to take me away and I’m fine with that because I’m leaving in peace.

By: Rojas, Ruben

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