Inspiring Person

Rhio Connor is a very admirable and inspiring person because his enthusiasm to lived made him look beyond life and that somehow he could beat cancer by finding different ways to extend his life expectancy. Rhio Connor was diagnosed with Mesothelioma which a a type of cancer where malignant cells are develop and they affect much of the the internal organs that caused the failure of them as well causing the patient to die slowly. I understand Rhio Connor because I was diagnosed with cancer when I was ten years old. I was diagnosed with Lynphoma and a tumor in my spinal cord that prevented me from walking and sleeping at night because of the horrible pain that I felt all day. I believe that me and Connor where similar but we had different cancers I know how does it feel to know that you have a certain time of life left in you.

Reading about Rhio Connor make me realize that he had faith in himself and the will to look for solutions to extend his chances for living longer but he knew that one day the journey was going to end but with positivity he lived more than seven years seven times more than he was tell by his doctor. He is one truly example of admiration in society and although people may not know him people like me feel proud of what he did for himself and for those who surrounded hi m during his years left. When I was diagnosed I was given small chances of surviving knowing that the cancer was starting to develop my family had no idea of what was going on. They questioned themselves once they found I had cancer. They where desperate to look for solutions to treat my cancer and me in the other hand I was shock asking God for an answer and why was this happening to me. At first I felt like dying because I couldn’t take the pain anymore but I managed to get myself together and finally I was brought here too California where I was treated in The Children Hospital of Los Angeles . I was under chemotherapy for about a year and when through several tests that where crucial during my rehabilitation, including physical therapy to gain my ability to walk again. After three long years I’m fully capable of doing everything a regular person does, but Rhio Connor didn’t had the chance that I had if he would off I’ll be glad to meet him in person just by reading about him gives you a image of a great man that lived his life to his fullest

I as a cancer survivor and knowing that I managed to make this far in my life gives me a great amount happiness because cancer change me in many ways and not in a negative way, but in a very positive way because I know that if God put this test In my path it was for a reason. Having this second chance gives the courage to help those that are going through the same situation I once when through an in return I feel happy that I made a change in a human being. I have also found a great group in the hospital that attend too every year for regular check up. The Program is called Teen impact is a group only for cancer survivors gather to share experiences and details about school, personal life etc. I find this program very interesting because many of us feel comfortable with one another because we can freely express what happen to us and what we went trough during our treatment. I know that Rhio Connor must have feel very proud of himself because he spent time to look for answer to his survival and he did although his illness end his journey his memory remains upon book s and now after a scholarship named after him. In my years here I know that I couldn’t do anything about medicine and what treatment to choose and I left everything too in my doctor’s hands and I trusted that she would make the right choices to heal my cancer. If I was in Rhio Connor position I had to say that I would done the same thing and find solutions to extend my life the longest because I would wanted to see my children grow, get married, and of course lived happy for the days that I had left to lived. I would had pay any price to lived longer but is always the will that beats defeat but of course the will of God is the ultimate power that separate us from being immortal.

In my personal experience as a cancer survivor and being diagnosed with an disease like this one it’s hard to find the will to continue on with life but Rhio Connor and I have something in common and that’s we lived to tell our story in our own ways, but not knowing him I find that he is a fine example of a true survivor here on earth and in heaven. In my memory there will always be that thought that I was going to die but my faith led me to live where I am today and I’ll find ways to live longer than my mind well ever taught when I was ten years old.

By: Rosas, Jesus

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