One’s Life

Upon being informed of having any type of chronic disease a person is filled with despair; millions of thoughts rush into ones head. One begins to wonder what to do about the condition, whether it would be of ones best interest to just do everything the doctors say, or if one should be curious and ask questions as well as perform ones own research. This same type of reaction happens when a person is diagnosed with a terminal cancer.

It is human nature to want to live as long as possible, and when something happens that can terminate one’s life, it is only natural to seek methods to extend one’s life. If I were diagnosed with a terminal cancer, before beginning a treatment I would do extensive research. I would not consider radiation treatment unless I was sure it would be more beneficial than harmful. I would make sure to study the cancer, what it does, what other parts of the body are affected and how, and all possible treatments and side effects.

The first step of this process would be going to the library and gathering books on the cancer. Here I would learn about the cancer and gather the necessary information so that I can formulate my questions to the doctors about possible treatments. This intensive research would allow me to cover every angle of the situation and make sure that I ask the correct questions insuring me that I will receive the information that will help me treat my cancer in the best way possible.

In order to maximize my time and gather the most amount of information I would ask two of my closest friends to help me with my research. I would look up most of the information myself, but I would have them help me talk with doctors and gather information from them. I would make sure to consult five of the best specialists on the type of cancer that I was diagnosed with. I would take detailed notes of everything they told me. I would ask them what the cancer does, why it is so dangerous, what types of treatments have been used in the past, what the results have shown, and what the side effects have been.

Furthermore, I would seek specialist on the parts of the body that the cancer affects. I would ask them what can be done to help these parts of the body after they have become ill. I would ask them what non scientific things can be done to strengthen these areas of the body and make them strong and healthy so that they can resist diseases for a longer period of time. By doing this, I will hopefully be able to lengthen the time in which the cancer affects these parts of the body.

After my research I would organize all the information into categories. I would have a section that talked about the disease and all of the possible complications that can come from it. Then I would have a section of all possible treatments. Here I would have the scientific treatments along with the results and side effects they produce. In addition, I would have a section of natural remedies that can be used as well as things that I can do in my personal life that would help protect my body. These types of things would be the foods I should eat, along with a description of the positive effects they have on the body, the activities that I can do on a daily bases to help stay healthy, and the natural treatments that can be done, along with the results they have produced and how they will affect my body.

Once I have organized all of the information I would consult the team of doctors that have been helping me study this cancer and compile a unique treatment for myself. This treatment would consist of a mixture of scientific and natural remedies. The scientific treatments that I would use are the ones that do the least harm to the rest of the body. I would do this because there is no point in using a medication or receiving a treatment that will help slow down the effects of the cancer, but most likely not even cure it and then damage and or kill other main parts of my body.

Most of all I would remain positive and never feel sorry for myself. I would keep my faith up and live life as happy as possible, remaining close to those people and things that matter most to me. I would make sure to always express my love to others and try to make the most out of every situation at hand.

By: Sanchez, Karyn

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