Surviving The Disease

James Rhio O’Conner faced a big challenge in his life. A cancer that O’Conner is facing is mesothelioma. It is a lung cancer and caused by asbestos, which is chemical mineral. Anyone expose to asbestos would increase in chance of mesothelioma. It is a tumor along the lining of the lungs. Cancer is very serious and incurable disease. It was almost a magic that he was able to recover from this type of deadly cancer. If I were to face the disease like cancer, I would be completely dependent on doctors. As I have known so far, cancer is a very dangerous disease and it is very hard for person to survive. If I were given the prognosis for the cancer, I will try my best to recover from the disease and try to find out all type of information from different resources. Probably, I would follow the same procedure as James. Because of researching about cancer and treatment, he outlived his prognosis for six years.

For instance, my grandfather had a tongue cancer when I was in India. He was able to find out the symptoms about this cancer when it was developing on the very 1st stage. He was given lot of time to survive as he took chemo therapy. As a result, he was only able to eat non-spicy foods. If he tried to eat spicy food, it will cause burn on the tongue. Then, we had to call the doctor.

Moreover, the disease that James is facing is very dangerous and incurable. He put lot of effort to overcome the disease. If I have to face the problem of surviving the disease, I will use the same method that was done by James Rhio O’Conner. I learned a lot after reading about James. I will consult the physician.

I will use in town library to conduct my research. I will go through all the cancer related books learn about this incurable disease. Also, I will learn about the diagnosis of cancer to survive my self. Most of the time, I will follow the doctor’s word, even though, I read about the disease since the doctor is the reliable person to trust. I would look for all the possible treatment for the cancer. As it is, I will definitely look beyond the chemo and radiation therapy and surgery. There is no prognosis, other than chemo, radiation and surgery. If the doctor tells me about other chances of treatment, I will definitely follow his words. From my point of view, radiation surgery will be helpful. It kills the tumor cells. As soon as ultra violet light hits the cancer cells, it burns the cell. This will cause big pain, but it is very useful treatment for the cancer.

In addition, I will ask the cancer patients before I start with the treatment. I will definitely want to find out about the outcome of treatment. I will find out, how much pain it will cause to do the therapy. I will ask the past patients of mesothelioma about everything they faced during the treatment. I will find out about the cost for the treatment. I will use the computer, which gives lot of data, to found out about the cancer and the treatment.

Nowadays, there are lots of cure for cancer. Also, there is lot of consultation about this disease. There are many books written of cancer. The internet is very useful resource to search for the cancer. Another resource will be TV channel or radio. Movies show a lot about patients suffering from cancer. It shows how one survives themself from a dangerous disease like cancer. One can learn a lot about the disease from TV channels and radio. Also, friends will be another resource, towards the study of cancer. I will get more information from pharmacist or physicians.

In conclusion, I learned a lot about the cancer. It was very interesting to read about patients, who are suffering from a disease like cancer. People are researching a lot to find the cure for this disease. They are putting their days and nights together to study these kinds of incurable disease. The medications are very good that stops the spread of the cancer in the body. There are lots of different medications coming out, which will help the patient of cancer. As for a concern, James suffered a lot from cancer; my uncle is suffering from the disease like cancer. As this article and story is post on the internet, it will be excellent shape for other patients to learn more about mesothelioma.

By: Shah, Bhavik

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