A Dire Cancer Prognosis

A Dire Cancer Prognosis

Mesothelioma is a cancer that is found in the protective sac surrounding the internal organs of the body.

If I was given a cancer prognosis, my plan of action would be to pray and seek my heavenly Father for His guidance through this condition first. I would begin with research through the scriptures for healing and shower my mind with these words from my heavenly Father.

Secondly, I would request from my physician all the current information they had on the specific type of cancer. I would research the type cancer on the web and find as much data as I could.

Then I would ask about my options of treatment such as chemo, radiation and surgery. If they offered little hope for cure, I would look at options toward natural remedies and holistic cures.

Along with this, I would like to know the effects each kind of treatment would have on my body.

I would consult a nutritionist on a new way of eating to change my eating habits to a new style of eating enriched with cancer fighting foods. I would search for cancer fighting supplements to see what options I had in this area. I know there is a cancer fighting supplement you can get; it grows in the Amazon rainforest.

Finally, after looking at all of the information, I would decide on a form of treatment by combining all that would best fit my body. Some people choose a treatment based on religious beliefs. I would be different for each person based on their life style.

By: Sholar, Cynthia D.

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