Hope And Faith Based Research

The prospect of developing cancer at any point in my life time is a bit scary. For Rhio O’Connor the fact that he faced those odds with shear determination to live truly inspires me. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He then researched and found a way to live, which extended his prognosis for more than six years. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body’s internal organs. It is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos (Wikipedia).

First step that comes to mind in tackling the obstacle of an intense medical diagnosis would be to take care of myself emotionally. I would have to find a constructive way (ex. Counseling, writing, etc) to release stress; in order to keep myself balanced at least both mentally and emotionally. Next I would research the disease and learn as much as I can about the problem that I am facing. Lastly, I would decide on the proper procedure to either help me get rid of or beat the odds of the illness. Although these steps are easier said then done; I would not plan on doing the whole thing completely by myself. It would be my hope that at that point in my life I would have a strong support system in my corner; full of individuals who would offer opinions, support my personal decisions, as well as stick by me during my time of need.

I truly feel that I would probably take a holistic approach to tackling cancer. After taking a class in college that basically focused on eastern medicine and holistic living that seems to be an interesting concept to me. I would work with a cancer specialist if possible and combine that treatment with a holistic method; whether that is simply being the use of acupuncture or possibly mere mediation. By holistic I am speaking in terms of natural (non-chemical treatments) combined with possible surgery (last option), but I would refrain from chemotherapy as much as possible. Chemotherapy is known to have a heavy affect on the human body from possible hair loss to weight fluctuation.

Religion would be another aspect of my cancer treatment. I would focus not on the religion itself, but my relationship with a higher power. I believe that this relationship can simply consist of belief in hope or having faith that things will be alright. In an intense situation ones outlook on the experience must always remain positive or else things can become even more detrimental.

If we bring our attention back to Rhio O’Connor in general it can be noted that he used different forms of research (using different clinicians, supplements, and more) to combat the disease. Rhio was diagnosed in 2001. It was found that he developed mesothelioma from being expose to asbestos when he was younger. He was told that he only had a year and a half to live (survivingmesothelioma.com). His ultimate rejections of limits placed upon him are what inspire my ideas on how to personally attack a disease directly affecting myself.

Fortunately, to the best of my ability I try to live my life freely. I try to go into any situation open minded (for the most part) seeing only opportunity ahead; even if all of the details are not clear right away. This type of living (combined with going by your own personal morals/beliefs) can be both hurtful and helpful. Helpful in the sense that you are free spirited and you see the world as a place of exploration/knowledge. It’s helpful to be optimistic in any aspect of life.

Free spirited living can be hurtful because everyone is not the same. We live in a world full of individuals with both differences and similarities. And there are some people that while placing personal limitations on themselves, in turn put limitations on others by differing means. Some use mental manipulation, verbal abuse, and more. Moreover, factors of socio-economic status can affect ones way of life, but does not have to truly overcome there optimistic outlook. In all, these elements existing in the world can make it hard for a person to be as free spirited as they choose.

This focus that I put on free spirited living caught my attention because in my opinion it defines Rhio O’Connor’s’ way of life. He saw past limitations, past boundaries, past expectations and chose to move forward freely. He moved forward in hope and faith based research. This is why I am captured by his story, but mostly by his actions and there outcome.

By: Snipes, Toi

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