The Attitude We Can Have

The Attitude We Can Have

While reading about James ‘Rhio’ O’Connor’s story it made me think a lot about what I would exactly do if I was in a situation like his. He is definitely and encouragement to me and many. What he did was something that had never really crossed my mind, but definitely opened my eyes.

James Rhio O’Connor was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, mesothelioma cancer. It was caused by his exposure to asbestos when he was younger. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral. Exposure to asbestos for 15 minutes can result in mesothelioma cancer in 35 to 40 years average. When I read that it made me think of how we are doing things every day, all the time without thinking about what we are exposing ourselves to or even really knowing what is around us. With that we can be exposing ourselves to something right now, that could cause something in the future and we might not even be aware of it.

James Rhio O’Connor inspired me because he is an example of the fact that if you do try to do all you can and are positive, great things can happen to you. Doctors told him he only had about a year to live. With what he researched and learned on his own and with people he went to about it, he was able to live longer than expected. Like I mentioned before, what he did was something I had never really thought about doing if I was ever to be in a situation like that. With a lot of experiences with cancer in my family, I wish I would have known about his story sooner. With my uncle and aunt who in the last ten years have both passed away from cancer I would have tried to search for a more natural way to help them and maybe they could have lived longer. In their case I saw how chemo therapy, radiation and surgery affected them in a bad way and maybe even made their situation worst. I wish I could have been more positive about the situation and encouraged other things to make the situation a little better. I love how James Rhio O’Connor did what he did. He proved people wrong about what he was trying to do and he was also positive. I think that having a positive attitude alone can help things become better at least a little bit. A lot of things are in peoples’ mind, but it is the attitude that can make a difference. I really look up to him and his attitude about the situation and trying to make it better.

If someone asks you what you would do if you were faced with those same challenges and/or were diagnosed with a disease what would you say or do? I honestly know that I would be shocked and torn apart. If I were to be diagnosed with a deadly disease right now, it would be heart breaking because I am a healthy young adult and I still have a very long life in front of me and many more things to do and accomplish. It would be a very hard situation. I like to think I am a very positive person, but if something like that were to happen to me it would bring me down. Knowing about James Rhio O’Connor’s story is a very big encouragement to any situation like that. I would eventually try my hardest to be positive with the situation given. Would it be hard? Yes, very much so. I would try to search for a more natural answer. One, because I do not agree with a lot of medical procedures. They probably do help a lot in short term, but not always long term. Two, I just think it would be cheaper to do things a little differently and I would not want to leave my family with a lot of my debt. I would speak with doctors and teachers that have a great knowledge about the situation. I would also speak with my family and close friends and want to know what their stand on things would be.

A lot of things that James did were simple things, such as eating healthier and exercising. Those are things we can all do and that can greatly help us physically. That is something I would definitely do. I would also try to spend as much time as possible with all of my loved ones. Being diagnosed with any type of disease you never really know when your time will really be up. I would definitely spend as much time as possible with especially my family. I would want to make the best of it and live life to the fullest. I am a pretty spiritual person, but I know that if I was put in a situation like that I would turn to God more than ever. I would try to be the best person I could ever be and appreciate everything around me even more. It would be extremely hard knowing you have a disease and also knowing that your time here is limited. Doing the best that I can for myself and those around me would be what I would want to accomplish.

Reading and researching about James Rhio O’Connor and mesothelioma cancer has opened my mind to things I never really thought about before. There is another way than the way of the world. Chemo, radiation and maybe even surgery are ways of the world, but they are not always the best long term decisions. That is something that we should all remember. There is so much more than being diagnosed with a disease, it could also be a beginning to a new something. We all have trials, but it is the attitude we have that makes the difference.

By: Sporl, Celita

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