Anything Is Possible

We ask ourselves is life fair and the answer is no. But we have to look at what we have been given and work at doing the best we can and beyond. Rhio O’Conner had a amazing attitude with what he was dealing with. We are all given a free will and the will to live, he took this challenge and fought to seek methods to help himself and others by his example. If I had to face what Rhio went through I know the will to survive would be just as strong not only for myself and my family but for others to benefit what I have researched. We are given a light to show others not only physically but spiritually as well to do our best with what the Lord has provided us. My Mom and Aunt have both battled breast cancer and are survivors. They fought as Rhio did and researched beyond what doctors told them. If you put your faith out there and have that will to live, in the long run anything is possible. I want to make my mom proud of me and this story has inspired me to continue to do my best in all situation.

By: Teague, Frank Charles

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