I Have “Faith“

After careful meditation and deep thought on what I would do if I was ever faced with a diagnosis of cancer; I have put a few simple thoughts down on paper. Here are some steps I would take for myself, my life, and my treatment. I will explain how I will make an informed decision on which medical treatment to choose.

The first and foremost step I would take would be, look above along with inside myself to find my true calling and purpose. I believe there is a God, He loves me, and has a plan for my life. When the answers start coming, I will be hopeful that I can hear what Gods words are saying.

Then after all in in order, I will get prepared for the long process of treatment and a wellness program. I will want to do necessary tests, talk to 2-3 doctors, so I have different opinions to use to make a informed choice as to which avenue to take. All of this process should be used as time shared, leaned on, and loved on by God and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I will stay connected to a spiritual live wire, people in my church family, I know they will help me with this next task.

Which is to inform my kids and parents. When I talk about this I start tearing up. Suddenly in March 2001, and I was lost. … I didn’t know what to do with him or for him; I was just on a bad situation. I learned that it is better to share how we want to be buried, “ what WE want’’, while we are still alive, and in doing this the pain they suffer will somehow be easier, making our family’s decision making process almost nil. I would like to think this helps their decision making and the grieving process move along quicker.

Any research that may be available for the type of cancer I have would be an option. Being the first person to use a trial drug would for cancer treatment would be something on my list of possibilities. If it worked I would be so happy to take it, and continue to take it on a trial basis

I would think that treatment is very complex and has many different degrees of importance. Such as. Spirituality, nutrition, physical, emotional, wellness, mental, ect. All with each level just as important as the other this affliction would be characterized as life long. But hopefully if all of these complex areas are paid special attention to, there is a chance for improvement, with prayer, perseverance, and a solid as a rock faith, the sky is the only limit in this life time. For me remission and recovery are two words that ARE in my vocabulary.

Remission may come; for me healing and remission is what I would believe in’ this would be what I visualize every day. Me healed, with my kids all together everyday along with my grandkids too. All of us together laughing and playing games, bowing. Playing darts, volley ball, exercising, hiking, going on walks. I would just stay focused, my eyes on the prize of, “ Life.“ I have “ Faith. “ My loving God will help me survive this huge road blook set down square in the middle of my life, and he will you too. I Will keep you and your family in my prayers, God Bless.

By: Urioste, Audry

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