A Positive Difference

In life, I know that nothing is for sure except my faith. Friends, family, jobs, schedules and health come and go. We are guaranteed few things in life. I have seen, first hand, death too soon. Those deaths were unfortunately connected to cancer. Some were from other illnesses. life brings at you unexpected things so often, things can prove to be positive even when they have devastating results. I have friends who have passed away, leaving young children. although dying with dignity, fighting, trying to stay alive, death got them. Sickness got them. Everyone handles things differently. One mom I knew withdrew from contact with people. She wanted only her teen daughters and husband around her. It was hard for those of us looking in, we wanted to help and grieve too. It was what worked best for her. Another similar situation, a mom also in her forties, with the same aged children, handled her ending of life on a completely different spectrum. She embraced everyone, tried to make memories for her children. She left them cards and audio tapes for their future milestones. When they turn 16, get married, have babies, they will have some heartfelt words from their mom who could not be there for them. She also left dear friends notes to have a happy memory and knowledge of her thankfulness for their friendship. I wonder which way I would handle cancer. For me, I am not sure what approach I would take, not actually sure how I would approach cancer. I would want to boldly face the disease. Knowing to look for answers , to continue life, would be in the back of my mind I imagine. If I researched, I could possibly help someone else that would come behind me with the same issue. I believe my faith will be the key to hold myself together until the end. It gives me hope for my future. I would want to show others they have worth . I would want to let my family know how much I need them and love them. I would want to make good memories with my friends. I want to make a difference in life, a positive difference. My desire to go into education stems from my need to show others that they are important. We all have worth, sick or healthy, happy or sad, we all have worth.

The steps I would take if I were given a cancer diagnosis would be to make a wish list. I want to experience life living it fully. I think travel would be a good thing to have on my list. I would want to do that with friends and family taking many photos and videos so that the people I leave behind will have fund memories. I want to spend time with people, leaving a legacy. I would also want to establish a research fun. I would want to find ways for others to be cured. I would be ok with doing experimental treatments even if they weren’t effective for me but for others. Another thing that I know would be on my list is to make other people’s wishes come true. I know that trips that children have taken on make a ” make a wish” kind of trips have really boosted them and given their families good memoires. I would want to have that same kind of adventure available to any aged people who were ill. Rhio took his disease head on and tried to make a difference in the lives of people who come behind him. His determination was what helped him hold on. I would hope that if I was unfortunate enough to be this ill, I would be brave, determined and find a way to give help to those around me, determined to try to make my life last long enough to make a positive difference. I would do treatments that were available and also do some experimental treatments with the hope that they would work or benefit someone else. I have had a very active life, I am a basketball player, even play for my college. I know the devastation of sickness would be life changing. I would just hope that I would keep my mind in the process of making a positive difference in someone’s life.

By: Vitez, Emilee

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