Knowledge Is Power

My name is Tracy Wagner and I live in Houston, Texas near the world renouned Medical Center and the hospital known worldwide for the best Cancer treatment which is MD Anderson. It is there I would start to research my Cancer with the best team of doctors and clinicians. I would widely take advantage of the library, internet and patients who have my same type of Cancer for all of my resource information and research. I would explore any and all treatments including herbal as well as diet. It is known that some of the best medicine in the world is provided by nature. That I believe, along with cancer fighting foods and exercise would help prolong my life. Because I am also a spiritual person I would rely on God as well as the advice of clinicians I trust to help me make an informed decision. My theory in fighting Cancer is that you have to be armed with the knowledge of the disease. You have to get to know it as though it were a person because if you don’t you could very well find yourself blindsided. You have to know what it is all about so that you can plan your attack on it very carefully and always remain one step ahead of it. Knowledge is power. You have to know the side effects and whether certain foods or medicines will counteract it or in some cases make it stronger. James O’Connor was a very smart man obviously to approach his Cancer in such a manner. He recognized that it wasn’t just a disease, but it was a disease with a mind. A mind to destroy his body and his life and he chose to fight it the only way that anyone can and that is to get to know every aspect of it and it’s personality. I wouldn’t do anything differently than Mr. O’Connor did.

By: Wagner, Tracy

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