Taking Action

Mesothelioma is a rare, but deadly form of cancer. It is cancer of the mesothelium, which is a membrane that protects many of the organs in the body. This cancer is difficult to diagnose and the risk for mesothelioma increases with exposure to asbestos. To learn more about this deadly disease go to www.survivingmesothelioma.com. James Rhio was diagnosed with this deadly disease and his prognosis stated that he had only one year to live. Rhio did not get pessimistic when hearing this devastating news; instead, he educated himself about mesothelioma and any possible options he had to save his life. He got many opinions from many doctors and researched any possible treatments that could increase his life expectancy. By taking action, James Rhio lived six years longer than his prognosis said he would. This is one of the most personally inspiring life stories I have heard. I have had personal experience with cancer and it is one of the most awful things anyone can experience in their lifetime. The story of James Rhio inspires me, and brings some hope into my heart for my grandfather that is currently battling a war against cancer.

Rhio’s story inspires me and delivers me hope. My maternal grandfather is currently battling cancer and he has been told that radiation and chemotherapy are no longer effective. His only option is to receive clinical trial treatments in Texas. These trial treatments may or may not work, but after learning about Rhio and his battle against mesothelioma I have renowned hope for my grandfather. I pray that he doesn’t give up just like Rhio didn’t give up. People must not become depressed and hopeless when battling a war against cancer. They must fight until they can no longer fight anymore. When people don’t give up and keep hoping and praying, they may increase their life expectancy and they also help medical researchers get that much closer to finding a cure.

I have also lost a great-grandfather to lung cancer. I was fairly young and I didn’t understand the situation entirely, but I do know the pain he suffered from this cancer. Doctors told him that the cancer was caused from exposure to asbestos when he was a young man. His cancer spread rapidly and he was traveling to different hospitals often to receive treatments. The cancer eventually did defeat him, but I know that he never once gave up. He did only receive radiation treatment, though. I sometimes wonder if he would have tried different clinical trial treatments if he would have lived longer. It’s too late to find out, but I do keep hope for my grandfather that is alive with cancer currently.

Rhio’s story also inspires me personally. Cancer runs in my family, and I know that someday I may be diagnosed with this deadly disease. If that does happen I will keep my mind open to all possible treatments and never give up. I am a very driven person and even if I develop cancer one day, I will stay determined to defeat it. It is possible if the victim never loses hope. Rhio didn’t lose hope and searched for treatments and educated himself about the cancer. He didn’t let the cancer overcome his determination. He didn’t let the cancer determine his life. I also think Rhio’s action in fighting mesothelioma is amazing in the fact that he aided in medical research. Every person that takes part in medical trial treatments helps in finding a possible cure, or at the very least helps rule out a certain treatment. This is another reason why I keep hope in my grandfather. He stays positive and is open to any suggestions that the doctors give him. If he decides to take part in the trial treatments I know he is doing the right thing, not only for himself, but for the medical field, in general.

James Rhio has inspired me and has given me hope in my grandfather’s battle against cancer. His story has also educated me more on my great-grandfather and his bout with cancer. I believe that Rhio’s determination to live a longer life helped with medical research on cancer and inspired, and continues to inspire, many people fighting cancer today. He reveals what the outcome may be if one never gives up, educates him/herself, and embraces hope and faith. I have renowned faith that my grandfather can at least live a longer life if he seeks treatment other than radiation and chemotherapy. Rhio and his battle against mesothelioma helped to inspire me personally and I hope his story will do the same for many others in the same, or similar, situation.

By: Walker, Staci

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