Oh! The Things We Overlook!

Oh! The things we overlook!

In writing this timely essay. I will consider a novel approach to the problem of cancer. This approach is one that divine grace has allowed to be indelibly etched in the memorial of the life of James Rhio O’Connor. He should be celebrated as one who latched onto this quality method with all his might.

Big C as cancer is known here in the US, is really profound. In fact it has allowed an invasion of no small proportion of my family life.It is with the former in mind that I have arrived at a newer definition of cancer. Cancer is a loss of balance in the human body. No matter what the serious oncologist may think, there is a chemical link that has become M-I-A – Missing in action.Added to this is man’s need for all things intangible, and usually their love of money does not solve the demise accompanying cancer. Leukemia, a terrible illness, is regrettably one that is no respecter of persons and/or age. It like our now President makes appeal for changes in the health care paradigm, which if not heeded will result in untold costs.

Starting in mid -2005, my youngest daughter, Ived Jones, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. At the time my family ( composed then of my 3 daughters and myself) had just moved into an apartment building-this move was after six months in a family shelter for the homeless. My memory recalls now the irony of this situation. You see, only a month after moving into this “new” apartment, my daughter acquired Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.This life changing diagnosis had been made by a prominent hematologist, Edwin Robbins, MD. At this time he was one of the foremost doctors at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York. Dr. Robbins stated that there would be need for me to transfer my daughter, “a very sick child” to the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, also in New York.

To add to all of these complexities and intrusions that lay ahead. Another fact was tabled by another doctor. There was according to his level of expertise. Another requirement. A blood transfusion. Additionally he stated that her hemoglobin level was a mere “2”. So with many doubts, doubts about blood transfusions – and with an already troubled religious conscience – I agreed to the use of this vital red substance. And so began my daughter’s battle with Leukemia.

Looking in retrospect, allows me another chance.This is so as she, Ived, my youngest has relapsed to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It has reappeared in her CNS – Central Nervous System. Ived relapsed on March 26, 2009. This occurred after she received a battery of six vaccinations in one afternoon. Much pressure had been put on me to do this. Of course the administration of these vaccinations by a nurse employed to Bronx Lebanon was also against my better judgement. As a result, a larger part of me has lost a great deal of faith in conventional medicine.

Now , Ived my youngest faces an uphill battle. Her treatments are comprised largely of intrathechal chemotherapy. These damaging treatments have resulted in epileptic seizures, and for myself and family – a decline in quality of life. Of course, conventional medicine, as defensive as it is – allowed a loose definition in the prognosis and/or diagnosis of Ived’s seizures. They were assessed as false seizures. In so doing her doctors had put all common sense aside. Allow me to explain further,after being given a bad introduction to epilepsy. Psychology 101 proved to be my shield. Ths course and my associated reference texts in tandem with my spiritual studies, revealed a medical error in my daughter’s diagnosis of pseudo-seizures. Subsequent to this, she was prescribed Levratiracetaram (Kepra). Against my better wishes again. Ived was allowed to suffer psychogenic manifestations. To her doctors, attending and otherwise, with their laissez faire approach, there lay another complexity. One that for them was unexpected. Blinded as they are by pride and greed, they lay vacant room for understanding of any sort. As for me, it would have a pleasure to educate them – despite the fact that I have never been to Doctor School!

You see this drug , Kepra, as it is so lovingly called – makes the patients seizures not worthy of Electroencephalographic analysis. As such it renders the human mind vacant, pleae note too ,in this area modern science does not hold much scope for resolution. This begs the question-Why is there no application of the spiritual in modern medicine? The answer to this issue however, lies in the Maker Of All. In not making a vis-a-vis approach to the spiritual, modern medicine is playing a sad game of Russian Roulette! Look at the medical errors that are allowed, these are another unecessary evil that time will clear away. It is my constant thought that this will be solved by doctors with a healthy respect for the Truth.

There is however hope when mothers like me are in the picture. You see I had been advised after taking a course in Medical Assistance – to transfer my studies to Monroe College in the Bronx borough of New York, in the summer of 2008. Professor Ivanova, a pediatrician of Romanian origin – saw my academic mettle. She strongly counselled me to change my alma mater from Mandl to Monroe. It is with gratitude that I recall this moment as she, in doing this has allowed me a better stance in the care of my youngest. Many thanks to her!

If this disease had been bequeathed to me – Many modifications would have to be made. Prayer would also be my bastion. On terms of research, these are the methods I would utilize:

1. Gathering all medical information for a second opinion. A cancer diagnosis assures this step and oftentimes requires it. This I have already done for my daughter, Ived.

2. Utilize all financial resources.

3. Consult with attorneys. Pending any medical errors, as there usually are, and exsists in my daughter’s care- this is a lifeline for the transition that cancer places in the lives of many.

Chemo. Surgery amd all Associated treatments have had their day. On the other hand, so did blood transfusions. They have all been a means to an end for doctors here in the US and all attending aspects of their medical shadow. As all else, their diminished marginalized utility are proving their vanity. In presenting this front, two aspects of medicine are at risk – credibility and reputation.I will call you too, to remember this fact. We, as humans are not made to be guinea pigs. Wonderfully ,made are we and deserving of better medicine, as exisisting in the would at large. Modern medicine as it stands is a farce! A medium of all things unkosher and a peddler of pain, sexism, racism and clasim. All of these things I have suffered. Despite being placed at a hospital (unamed) renowned as the best, my family and I have suffered much.

In conclusion, know this from antiquity , Scripture and other arenas tout and pundify alternatives to chemotherapy and other things. These need to be included in Mankind’s fight against cancer. Only then can we make well-researched and informed decisions. As for my previously mentioned college of choice, Monroe College. More power to it! A Center of Excellence – as it is founded on the powerful value of truthfulness!

By: Walters, Althea A.

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