How I Would Fight Mesothelioma


James Rhio O’Connor’s story of fighting the disease mesothelioma reinforces my faith in life beyond terminal diagnoses. If I were faced with fighting off this disease I would first turn to my higher power, and ask for the will to handle the challenges that lay ahead.

Mesothelioma is a malignant cancer affecting a large membrane sac that surrounds and protects the main internal organs of the human body. Exposure to asbestos is a known risk factor in the development of this disease, but not all people who have mesothelioma have experienced exposure to asbestos which indicates there are other causes for this uncommon cancer.

After praying to God for strength, I would establish my support forces of my research team. The main components would be a mental health professional that handles terminal diagnosis cases, an oncology medical professional that specializes in the treatment of mesothelioma, and a Chinese alternative medical professional that has a history of treating patients with this type of cancer.

Mental counsel would be imperative for the basis of me keeping my peace of mind. I believe creating mind balance is one of the many keys to healing the body. Mental therapy for me, would aid in partial relief of any anxiety associated with facing such a diagnoses. A calm mind makes better informed decisions, and would help me continue to open my intuitive side so I could listen to my own gut instincts better during this process. This would also allow me to take a deeper look at how I may reduce any of the negative stresses in my life, as well as, handle the realities of possible death.

Would I choose chemo verses radiation? Either method is putting poison in my body. The combination of chemo therapy and radiation therapy is not much different in its statistics for retarding or dissipating tumors than otherwise using just chemo, or just radiation. Naturally, I would concentrate on picking a method that had a hirer success rate for dissolving tumors, a solid history of retarding progression, and the one with the least return of the cancer. Hopefully there would be a treatment plan that is close to my idealistic treatment plan. For sure the statistics would be diligently viewed by me and discussed with my team of doctors to find the best treatment plan as possible.

My Chinese medicine doctor would aid in helping me in the following areas: focusing on the nutrition of my body, more conditioning exercises for my mind, for example: meditation, as well as, utilizing Acupuncture to help balance my nervous system.

I believe that most illnesses are caused from the neglect of proper nutrition, physical exercise, and not taking care of the spirit within us. God made organic nutritional foods, and alternative natural resources for his creatures to live vibrant long lives. God is generous enough to have provided all people with a variety of ways to fight disease and I choose to embrace all gifs he brings to me.

The core of my foundation is leaning on my family, and my close friends for support. I would turn to my good friend who is a survivor of cancer. She did not suffer from mesothelioma, but endured late stages of lymphoma, and was given a terminal diagnosis. Like Rhio’s story, which instills fighting power in me, during her fight for her life, I watched her combat by taking action. She knew she had no guarantees, but instead of curling up in a ball and crying all day she decided to live. I watched her find strength inside her soul, and then balance her life. She performed research, which lead her to difficult, but hopeful choices. Her decision to change her nutrition intake and only consumed foods that worked at high levels of fighting against cancer gave her energy to withstand chemotherapy. God’s gift of human faith allowed her to move forward to make crucial decisions. She chose to possess the most vivacious attitude as she could, and was realistic in allowing natural moments of fear and grief. I observed her bravery to accept whatever Gods plan was for her. Today, she is happily roaming our earth nine years later with a healthy body. From my eye witnessing experience of her cancer battle and survival, I would follow God’s gifts that she displayed to me. I would choose a positive life outlook and fight for my life like her. My experience would of course be my own, but I would use every resource within my comfort level that God provides me.

By: Watson-Clark, Genevieve

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