Cancer Survivor

Hearing Rhio O’Conner’s story has stirred memories within me and has made me realize how lucky I am. I am a current cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, which although malignant was curable. Putting myself back in that position and being told instead that my cancer was incurable is hard to imagine. Hearing what he did for himself makes me stand in awe at his strength.

With my chemo therapy my family and I did a little research, as well. Along with the harsh poisons that were pumped into me we tried to make my body as healthy as possible. I cut sugar from my diet and steered away from junk food. I ate mostly organic fruits and vegetables and took some homeopathic minerals and vitamins. I also looked through the Gerson Therapy book to see what else I could do to ensure my survival. It’s nice to hear that someone else tried to do the same thing.

If I were to be told that I had maybe a year to live and that the doctors had little to do for me, I wouldn’t give up. Just as he didn’t. Life is precious, I know that now, and I would never take a single day of it for granted. Putting myself in his shoes I would do just as he did. I would research my cancer and hear what different people with different backgrounds would say about it. The two things needed to battle cancer, is a healthy body and a determined spirit.

Since mesothelioma is normally confused for a viral pneumonia, I can imagine the uncertainty and disbelief that the diagnosis can cause. With such simple symptoms such as dry coughs or night sweats it would be hard to get yourself to the doctor in time to discover the true diagnosis. If I was diagnosed just as Rhio was I would first ask about everything I could from the doctor. Learning that it was a cancer that affected the lining of the lungs (pleural mesothelioma), stomach (peritoneal mesothelioma), or heart (pericardial mesothelioma) and that it was caused by asbestos I would change a few things about my life style. One thing would be to make sure I’m living a healthy life style and that I stay clear from anymore contact with asbestos (construction sites or any jobs similar). If chemo and radiation would be of little help, than I would avoid it all together. Chemo and radiation is only helpful when it works well, otherwise you’re only harming and weakening your body more. I would try to use thoracentesis or paracentesis, which is where you use a special needle to drain the fluid that is formed in the lining by the cancer for temporary relief. I would try the Gerson Therapy full on and live the rest of my life without regret or fear. I like to think that our bodies are amazing things that can fight any disease if taken care of properly, which the Gerson Therapy teaches you how.

For more information and support I would consult multiple doctors from different countries who would have different ideas on how to fight the cancer. Some answers do need a little research and aren’t normally available right next door. One important thing I would remember is that there is no one doctor that knows everything. If I came to a dead end, I would then try contacting research institutions whom may hold some vital new information or possibly new treatments to try. If after all that I’m still at a loss, I would live each day and when the cancer takes me it takes me. Yet, no one could say that I didn’t put up a good fight.

I am honored to be writing this essay about an amazingly determined man who went against all odds to live with his incurable cancer. From what I’ve learned from my experience was that the greatest compliment anyone could give me was when someone told me that I was strong. I don’t know how strong I would be in Rhio O’Conner’s position, but I’ll give him the best compliment I can. For he was a very strong man.

By: Willoughby, Ashley

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