His Bravery

If I were to be faced with a dire cancer prognosis I would conduct my research as wide scale as possible. I would use word of mouth to begin a collection of informed resources, then I would go on-line for resources within my own geographic area for a start. Eventually I would expand my on-line search as needed for comparisons. I feel that having support surrounding me in such a predicament would be essential. Initially I would goal to find support groups within my location because there I would assume great networking could be possible for any and all additional resources of information.

In a support group I believe information could only be enriched by the testimonials of others and their personal experiences.Through the library or on the world wide web, I would also research treatment options pertaining to my personal diagnosis to further assist my decisions towards treatments. I would definitely attempt to look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery options with all the determining factors of my condition. If chemo, radiation and surgery had little to offer there is a great possibility that I would strongly consider any and all less invasive options available. In doing this I would never consider the option of giving up the fight for which I’d be faced with. I would ultimately base these decisions on my quality of life- being an utmost importance.

James “Rhio” O Connor was diagnosed with the deadly cancer mesothelioma and told he had a year to live. He is a man to be admired by the way in which he chose to approach and manage is life with cancer. O Connor chose to dedicate himself through a rigorous educational process, making it possible for him to create himself his therapeutic protocol with informed consent. O Connor is admirable in the fact that he did not inadvertently surrender to his illness, he challenged it. He double checked the information that was available to him initially and continued on in acquiring as much resaearch findings and theories that he could possibly find available. He was met with the fight of his life for which he fought diligently to prolong. He is a good man to have set an applicable example of courage and strength when and where it was needed in this battle he fought. I feel that I am one of the un-lucky ones who was never blessed in knowing him personally. However, I am appreciative of the opportunity that has been made possible by him and his bravery.

By: Wrede, Rachel

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