Think Positively

Rhio’s story inspires me because he wanted to live. That may seem odd, but a lot of people seem to give up on life after receiving grim news. I believe that if you think positively, and optimistically, then good things will happen to you, and you will remain in good spirit and health. On the other hand, if you think negatively, you will remain sad, depressed, and continue to will yourself to death. After being diagnosed with Mesothelioma, Rhio still wanted to live, weather it was for a significant other, his children, or himself, he felt as though he needed to stick around longer. In a way, that could be the best treatment in the world: having the will to live, not giving up on life, and keeping a positive state of mind. If you do not believe you will survive, no medicine available will be able to save you.

If I were ever in a situation where I was given a dire cancer prognosis, the first thing I would do is cry. I would cry, because, at that point in my life, I would still have so much I would like to do, and so much I would like to accomplish, and learning that I may not ever get the chance to do so would break my heart. Also, no one wants to hear that they are going to die. It is, by far, the worse news that one could ever hear. I firmly believe that before the body is allowed to heal, the mind must heal first. By crying, I would heal both my mind and my soul. I would limit myself to being “bed-ridden” for a maximum of three days. I would use this time to think about everything good that has happened in my life, and I will also use this time to think about how I am going to break the news to my family and friends. I picked three days because this should be enough time to get me back focused on the most important thing in life, which is living. At this point in my life, every day would mean the world to me, and since I would not know what day would be my last day on Earth, I would not want to waste them all feeling sorry for myself. I would have to decide that the situation is what it is; it is how it was meant to be, and try to live as long as I possibly could, and spend time with my loved ones. During this time, it would be common for me to go through a state of denial, so I would need to ensure that my diagnosis is correct.

The next thing I would do is to get a second opinion. Sometimes, mistakes do occur, and I would want to ensure that my diagnosis was true and correct. To find the physician that I would like to do my second opinion, I would research and see the best doctors in the area of cancer that I was diagnosed with. I would then explain to the physician that I was diagnosed with the certain type of cancer, and would like additional testing to be done on me. While waiting on the test results to come back from the lab, I would begin researching the disease. My idea would be to get a more thorough understanding of the cancer, so that I could know exactly what it is that is taking my life. If the results come back negative, I shall rejoice, but also would be curious as to why they would come back positive the first time, and negative the second time. I would speak with both physicians, and decide my next move from there. However, if the results come back positive, I shall pray for the best, and prepare for the worst.

If the repeat tests come back that I indeed have cancer, this is when I will tell my family and friends. I would do this by getting them all together in one place and explaining to them what is going on in my life. This will give them the chance to ask any questions, and also help me determine my next move. The things that I would want in my life would all have to be positive. Negative people and negative situations would no longer be included. My primary focus would be on living my life to the fullest and living everyday as though it were my last on Earth. I would use this time to do everything that I was ever afraid to do, or wanted to do, but never had the chance. This would include traveling to foreign lands (I have yet to ride on an airplane because of my fear of heights), bungee jumping, and learning to swim. I would also being scheduling vacations to Miami, New York, and Atlanta (three places that I have always wanted to go to-but never got around to going.) My days would be filled with fun and activity, while my nights would be filled with study. I would purchase books on the disease, as well as asking physicians for more information, and searching the internet. I would seek strength from God, and others battling the disease. If there is not already a group of survivors, I would create one, and ask that those that have won the battle with the cancer join the group. I and other victim will trust and confide in these individuals to help us through our difficult times, as they know firsthand what we are experiencing. They will also help in determining the method of treatment that I would choose. Many times, people may say that they know what a person is going through, and understand their feelings. In reality, they cannot, unless they have been in the same situation.

Truthfully speaking, everyone one this Earth is dying. Some of us are going quickly, while others are going slowly. Many will battle diseases for years, and many will battle diseases for only days. I’ve known people who have lived over one hundred years, and I’ve known people who did not live to be ten years old. When it is all said and done, we cannot determine how we will die, but we can determine how we will live.

By: Young, Rosa Belara

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