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Rhio O’Connor is an inspiration to all people because he strategically took control of his destiny while facing the health dilema of having cancer. He made conscious decisions by getting help from professional clinicians and added supplements to his diet and used other methods for recovery. I am glad that his story is being made available and can be read by other people. This story offers help and hope in the worst of situations. It is free-thinking people like him that make the world a better place to live.

Mesothelioma (a disease in which a cancerous tumor grows on the mesothelium (the sac lining the internal body cavities). The specific type of mesothelioma is named for the tissue where the cancer started.

Pleural mesothelioma, which is the kind of cancer Rhio had, starts in the chest, in the pleura that surrounds the lungs (outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall). This makes up about 70% of mesothelioma cases. Mesothelium was caused by his exposure to asbestos. Here is a link to Cancer Monthly’s authoritative mesothelioma survivors’ website –

It is only speculation as to what I would do if I were faced with the same situation as Rhio was. I know it is easy for me to say that I would rise to the challenge, but having not been ill with cancer, I cannot truly say what I would do. Life does take momentum every day and refusing to stand still in your situation. Some people have the drive to keep on going in their lives even with insurmountable challenges. There is something in the human spirit that has equipped us to do that if we choose to. I would hope to follow Rhio’s example. I know that when you are ill it changes your perception and the way you think, so it would definitely be a challenge. I believe I would look beyond conventional treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy, etc. because they have not proven very effective or that treatment does not help in this stage of the disease. I would do research on-line and also look for places that have effectively treated the disease before. I would call my doctor and other specialists on this and ask for references. It’s always good to get a second opinion on the results of your prognosis with one doctor. I would also participate in clinical trials to see if that could be a solution. Clinical trials are conducted to test up-and-coming treatments and medications before they are released and recommended to the public as a safe and effective way to treat an illness. The knowledge gained from these trials helps medical professionals come closer to the discovery of a cure. Each successful clinical trial renews mesothelioma hope for all patients around the world.

I read on the internet of someone who searched the internet with a relative that is an R.N. and found out about the hydrogen peroxide therapy. He used the food-grade hydrogen peroxide, a few drops in his drinks and also Coral Calcium and a few months or so later…walah…no cancer! I believe the hydrogen peroxide cleansed his body/lungs and the Coral Calcium strengthened him.

I would hope that I had a clear-thinking friend who could help me sort out things, including the emotions involved. Friends are such a undeniable help in any dire situation (especially emotionally) as in this situation. I guess part of the duty of a friend would be to prepare those closest to you for your possible departure from them also. If a friend knows that you are going to heaven, it would really provide them with a sense of security, even though your death and departure from their lives would be painful .

Most of all, I do believe that God knows about everything on this earth and nothing really happens by accident. He has told us to come to him in any time of need and that gives us peace and I’m sure in this instance it would be of great help. I know I would pray and call out to God for help and know that he would hear me. My reliance, direction, and strength would be on my faith in God’s love and promises.

By: Younkin, Douglas

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