Mesothelioma Diagnosis?

Mesothelioma Diagnosis

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Bernie Siegel, M.D., a Yale trained Assistant Clinical Professor of General and Pediatric Surgery says, “Paul Kraus’ book has all the information a cancer patient needs to have in order to learn what survival behavior is about…”

This is the only book of its kind written by an actual mesothelioma survivor and the only website where it is available for free.

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“As a four-year pleural mesothelioma survivor, I have found Paul’s book to be an inspiring and educational guide to dealing and living with this cancer.”

“A unique, inspirational book by a fellow sufferer and dedicated Author and Educator. Written from the heart and with understanding there are guidelines to help enhance your body’s own immune system.”

“Thank you Paul for writing your wonderful book of hope. With all the awful stuff on the internet about this disease, your book is like a ray of sunshine.”

“My father was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in June. I gave him the book and it really gave him hope.”


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