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Secret Mesothelioma Treatments Used By 21 Year Survivor…

Dear mesothelioma patient, 

My name is Paul Kraus. I have survived mesothelioma for over 23 years.

Read that again.

I have survived mesothelioma for over 23 years… Even though my doctors had only given me a few months to live.

And today…

I’m going to show you exactly how I did it.

You’re going to see the 14 vitamins that helped me become the longest living mesothelioma survivor in the world.

You’ll see how often I took them, and how much of each.


You’ll have the chance to get the entire roadmap behind my survival for free.

But first…

Please note that this is not medical advice. These are the vitamins that helped me survive mesothelioma for over 23 years. But because everyone is different, I can’t guarantee they’ll work for you.

Please consult with your doctor for a treatment plan that is right for you.

As well as taking vitamins, I also used 5 other therapies to survive.

You can get all the details on the therapies and treatments I used in my book “Surviving Mesothelioma.”

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With that said…

These are the 14 vitamins I took to help survive mesothelioma:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B complex. (There are 8 of them.)
  • Folic acid
  • Selenium
  • Coenzyme Q10.

Below are the details on two of the vitamins I took (vitamins A and C).

You can get the details on the other vitamins, minerals, herbs and other therapies that I used in my book.


Vitamin A

Dose: I took Vitamin A 4000 iu in the morning and another 4000 iu in the afternoon.

There is research that connects low levels of Vitamin A with an increased risk of mesothelioma.

Studies also show that Vitamin A may help make other treatments more effective.

Is it possible that Vitamin A influences how mesothelioma occurs, grows and spreads?

After discussing this with my doctors, they added Vitamin A to my treatment plan.

Here are some of the studies that link Vitamin A with mesothelioma healing. Retinol, retinoic acid and beta-carotene are all forms of Vitamin A.


Study #1 – Provitamin A may decrease the risk of mesothelioma

Researchers from the American Health Foundation looked at the link between diet and mesothelioma.

They found that “Provitamin A or beta carotene may decrease the risk of mesothelioma.”

Provitamin A turns into Vitamin A. It can be found in fish liver oils, egg yolk, milk products, green leaf or yellow vegetables and fruits.

The full study can be found here.


Study #2 – Vitamin A makes immunotherapy more effective

In this study, beta-carotene (Vitamin A) was combined with an immunotherapy drug. The researchers wanted to see if it could treat mesothelioma. Mice were used.

The researchers found that the addition of beta-carotene (Vitamin A) made the immunotherapy a lot more effective.


The researchers believe that the therapy worked because it stimulated immune cells.

The full study can be found here


Study #3 – Vitamin A may make mesothelioma less likely to grow and spread

In a study from 2002, researchers looked at mesothelioma cells in test tubes.

They found that retinoic acid (from Vitamin A) “may lead to a decrease in mesothelioma local cell invasion.”

Meaning retinoic acid may affect how mesothelioma grows and spreads in the body.

This study suggested that Vitamin A Levels may reduce the aggressiveness of mesothelioma.

The full study can be found here

paul kraus survived mesothelioma for 23 years

Vitamin C

Dose: I took 10-30 grams of Vitamin C intravenously weekly

Did you know…

Almost all animals and plants synthesize their own vitamin C except humans?

Two time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling studied the use of intravenous Vitamin C in cancer.

In the study, he gave Vitamin C to some terminal cancer patients. Some did not receive the Vitamin C.

Dr. Pauling found that the patients who got 10 grams/day of Vitamin C survived longer than patients who did not get it.

My doctors and I knew that Vitamin C was an important holistic therapy for cancer. Over the years, we found more and more Vitamin C studies suggesting that Vitamin C is helpful for mesothelioma.

These are some of the studies…


Study #1 – Vitamin C is toxic to mesothelioma cells

This study found that ascorbate (Vitamin C) was toxic to mesothelioma cells.  The study also found out why.  Apparently, Vitamin C provides “strong oxidative stress” to mesothelioma cells. The researchers concluded that ascorbate acid should possibly be used to treat mesothelioma.

The full study can be found here


Study #2 – Vitamin C kills mesothelioma cells

This study looked at whether high-dose of ascorbic acid killed mesothelioma cells.

The researchers found that it did kill mesothelioma cells in “a dose-dependent manner.”

This means the higher the dosage, the more mesothelioma cells were killed.

They also found that intravenous ascorbic acid decreased mesothelioma tumors in mice.

The researchers concluded “that ascorbic acid may have benefits for patients with mesothelioma.”

The full study can be found here


Study #3 – 77 year old survives mesothelioma with intravenous Vitamin C

A retired business executive from Calgary, Alberta was diagnosed with mesothelioma when he was 77 years old.

His doctors started treating him with chemotherapy, but it didn’t help. Every day he was getting worse.

After consulting with his treatment team, the patient began taking 10 grams of Vitamin C a day. Not vitamin C tablets or powder, but intravenous Vitamin C.

Soon he increased the dosage to 25 grams.

And while studies like the ones above show that vitamin C may help mesothelioma survival…

What really shocked the patient and his medical team was this…

Within just two short years all his scans showed that his mesothelioma was gone. He no longer had any active cancer.

I hope these insights were helpful.

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