Scholarship Essay

Wrede, Rachel

If I were to be faced with a dire cancer prognosis I would conduct my research as wide scale as possible.

Wright, Emmanuel

The Value of Life

Wright, James E., II

Rhio O’Connor’s greatness lied in the one thing in his life that most people would consider a tragedy: a diagnosis with a deadly cancer.

Wu, Judy

Advanced Glioblastoma Age 43. Osteosarcoma Age 12. Lymphoma Age 27.

Yearta, Kirstie

One of the most extraordinary men that fought against his cancer prognosis is Rhio O’Connor: he looked death straight in the eye and turned his back.

Yohn, Elizabeth Seyfarth

Finding Another Path: Joining Others on the Roads Less Traveled

Young, Ashley

The average citizen holds great faith in modern science to determine the outcome of devastating ailments such as cancer, even if the practice has failed to provide a reliable cure.

Young, Jenny

It seems that in this day of age, almost everyone has battled cancer themselves or knows someone who has.

Young, Rosa Belara

Rhio’s story inspires me because he wanted to live.

Younghwa Kim

Following the Footsteps of James Rhio O’Connor: How to Survive Cancer and Be Proactive

Younkin, Douglas

Rhio O'Connor is an inspiration to all people because he strategically took control of his destiny while facing the health dilema of having cancer.

Yu, Mon Yuck

Snowy Hills

Zazueta, Oscar A.

If I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, I would try my very best to outlive my prognosis.

Zimmers, Kimberly E.

Cancer is a deadly disease that will have an impact on over all of the population in the United States.

Zold, Amanda

What would you do with 2,372 more days?

Zubke, Davis

Cancer….Is there anything about this disease that hasn’t already been said?

Zwinoira, Ayanda

It is hard to be accept being told that you will live for a year.

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