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Quebec Continues To Export Mesothelioma Causing Asbestos

The Olympics will generate an estimated $4 billion CAD for Canada. So with that kind of income perhaps it is time Canada reexamines its practice of exporting mesothelioma causing asbestos to the rest of the world. After all, the income from asbestos is estimated to be only $100 million CAD – a drop in the bucket compared to the Olympics payday. Unfortunately, this reexamination will not happen in the near future. The parliament of Quebec has officially refused to reexamine the dangers of exporting asbestos to developing countries, including Mexico. According to the Canadian Press, the motion would have created a parliamentary committee aimed at examining the practice, which has come under fire lately and flies in the face of … Continue reading Quebec Continues To Export Mesothelioma Causing Asbestos »

Quebec Sells Mesothelioma Causing Asbestos

Quebec’s Premier, Jean Charest, is coming under fire for continuing to sell asbestos to underdeveloped countries, particularly India, Indonesia and Bangladesh, despite the known health risks. Asbestos can cause mesothelioma, other cancers and asbestosis. In an editorial this week, Montreal-based newspaper The Gazette calls the Charest government’s asbestos policy ‘deeply immoral’. According to the news organization, Quebec exports some 175,000 tons of asbestos annually, despite the fact that the World Health Organization considers asbestos a serious health hazard and recognizes its link to most cases of the rare cancer, mesothelioma. The Gazette editorial argues that Canada’s asbestos industry is not an economic issue for the country, since it employs fewer than a thousand people, but rather a political issue. Nearly … Continue reading Quebec Sells Mesothelioma Causing Asbestos »