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My Name is Paul Kraus and I Have Survived Mesothelioma for Over 20 Years…

I wrote a book on how I did it, and I want to give you a free copy…

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19 Things You Will Discover In The Book “Surviving Mesothelioma”

  1. Why a Mesothelioma Diagnosis is NOT a Death Sentence.
  2. The Secret to Using Your “Silent Healer” Without Causing Any Pain Whatsoever
  3. Why it’s VITAL to Think Positively the #1 Thing You Must Do To Erradicate Negative Thoughts
  4. The Complete How-To-Guide on Adopting the Mindset of a Long-Term Cancer Survivor
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Mesothelioma Survivor Paul Kraus, Alive And Well 20 Years After Writing “Surviving Mesothelioma And Other Cancers"

This website was created to share the inspiring story of Paul Kraus with newly diagnosed mesothelioma patients and their loved ones. In the summer of 1997, Paul Kraus was diagnosed with mesothelioma and given only a few months to live.

Rather than give up, Paul spoke with doctors from all over the world and with their help created a unique treatment plan. This plan involved the use of various types of therapies. Focused on recovering his health and outliving his prognosis, Paul followed the advice of his physicians carefully.

Paul stayed with his treatment plan and today he has outlived his prognosis by over two decades. Many mesothelioma patients were interested in what Paul did and so he wrote this book, “Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers: A Patient’s Guide,” to explain his philosophy of healing and the
decisions that he made.

This book discusses the approaches and healing philosophies Paul used in his own journey to survive mesothelioma.

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“It’s been over 4 years now and I can honestly say I’m doing great.”

Tom Crittenden - Mesothelioma Survivor Maricopa, AZ

Common Mesothelioma Questions

What is Mesothelioma? icon
What is Mesothelioma?
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What causes it?
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How is it treated?
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Which doctors treat it?

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