Are Mesothelioma Settlements Available to Me?

Confidential Information

It is estimated that 90% of mesothelioma cases are settled before trial. However, the actual amounts of mesothelioma settlement are usually confidential because companies do not want it widely known what they are willing to pay. This can make it more difficult for you to determine who may be the best mesothelioma lawyer for your case. If you ask various lawyers about their mesothelioma settlements you will probably be told they are very successful. If you press for a number perhaps you may be told “millions.” This is not very helpful because it can be difficult to verify such statements.  So how can you get reliable information on the actual results of different lawyers when mesothelioma settlements are kept confidential?

Verdicts are Public

There is a way! While settlement numbers are not public information, verdicts normally are. A verdict is the formal finding of fact made by a jury on matters or questions submitted to the jury by a judge. In the context of a mesothelioma lawsuit, verdicts also encompass the award or the amount of money the jury awarded the plaintiff (the mesothelioma victim and/or their family). Verdicts can be used as a surrogate or indicator for mesothelioma settlements.

How is this possible? When defendants agree to specific settlement amounts, part of their analysis is based on what they would have to pay if that particular case went to trial and there was a verdict in favor of the mesothelioma victim. In other words, defendants consider the past verdicts of your lawyers when agreeing to a settlement figure. Bigger historic verdicts against them (by your lawyers) usually mean higher settlements for you. And of course, lower historic verdicts by your lawyers in past cases can mean lower future settlements.

Therefore, researching the recent verdicts of different mesothelioma lawyers and law firms can give you a window into the law firm’s level of success and what mesothelioma settlement you may anticipate against specific defendants.

Below are examples of actual verdicts. If you would like the names of the law firms that obtained these results for their clients, please fill-out the form below this list.

  • $1,474,446.74 Construction
  • $3,988,000.00 Mechanic
  • $2,904,393.66 Iron Worker
  • $2,145,519.55 Mechanic
  • $1,321,871.51 Secondary Exposure
  • $1,105,695.50 Factory Worker
  • $3,121,005.78 Pipefitter
  • $2,009,374.31 Navy
  • $4,348,004.92 Electrician

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