Paul Kraus, the longest living mesothelioma survivor in the world, used a variety of alternative modalities to survive his diagnosis.  An important one was the role of the mind in healing.  His book has 17 pages dedicated to this subject.  Here is a brief sampling of some of the factors Paul discusses.  These quotes were taken directly from his book.


The link between thoughts and the state of our health is hardly a new phenomenon.  Hippocrates in ancient Greece, acknowledged as the father of medicine, suggested that good health was a balance between mind, body and the environment.

Positive Mindset

It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to adopt a positive mindset when facing a life threatening illness such as cancer.

Below are five positive and helpful thoughts you can embrace:

  • Cancer can be overcome.
  • The treatment regime will help in your recovery.
  • Everything in your life has a purpose and a plan.
  • Hope is physiological (not just psychological).
  • To think positive is a matter of choice! Positive thinking actually works.

Holistic View

More and more doctors are taking a holistic view of medicine, seeing mind and body as an integrated system.  There is an increasing body of research showing the various ways in which the mind and body are one.


Psychoneuroimmunology studies the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our bodies’ susceptibility or resistance to disease.

Inner Peace

The experience of cancer helps us to see that the real treasures of life are not to be found in the externals but in inner peace and contentment.


Attitude, or one’s mindset, is a powerful stimulus to physical health and for long-term survival.  That is why emotional healing is important in order to come to terms with a life-threatening illness such as cancer.

Cellular Level

The body, right down to the cellular level, is heavily influenced by the level of our emotional health.


People do become empowered to heal through utilizing positive emotions (such as faith, hope, love and laughter) together with adopting healthy, carefully disciplined lifestyles.

Let Go

I have found, both from my own experience and that of my fellow cancer sufferers that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to healing is reluctance to let go of our fears and our negative ways of thinking.


Observe your emotions and acknowledge them – not merely the positive emotions – but the so-called negative ones such as anger and guilt.  Do not bottle them up and deny them lest they ultimately overwhelm you.