Surviving Mesothelioma Testimonials

Rosemary Marshall, Mesothelioma Survivor wrote: I appreciate so very much the opportunity to listen to Paul and Sue Kraus respond to questions in the recent teleconference. As a four-year pleural mesothelioma survivor, I have found Paul’s book to be an inspiring and educational guide to dealing and living with this cancer. I have had his book for three years and have read it through several times, with many references to various chapters over those years. I have gained so much from it and I am reading it again. It was very helpful to hear both Paul and Sue describe their journey and the regimen Paul followed in person. I believe many of the approaches he has used (many of which I have adopted in lifestyle changes) are responsible for my continued survival after four years.

Paul and his book have given me hope that the disease will not defeat me, and he has provided the tools to help me heal. My most grateful thanks to Paul and Sue Kraus, and to Cancer Monthly for the teleconference. Their considerable efforts on behalf of cancer patients are commendable and appreciated. Their compassion for others came through loud and clear and is quite overwhelming.

I also appreciated talking with Mr. Michael Horwin prior to the teleconference, and thank him for listening patiently to my journey. Cancer Monthly is another wonderful resource to such as myself and I am so grateful for the various services it provides. From the wide variety of support and information Cancer Monthly offers, it is obvious there are many dedicated, caring people on board, not the least being Mr. Horwin. You are truly helping those of us cope with one of life’s larger challenges. I thank profusely everyone who cares about us and is working hard on many different levels to improve life for cancer patients and survivors. My best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Kraus for continued healing, and to Cancer Monthly as you continue in your mission on behalf of all of us.

Rosemary Marshall
Mesothelioma Survivor
June 2008

More Heartfelt Mesothelioma Testimonials

“A unique, inspirational book by a fellow sufferer and dedicated Author and Educator. Written from the heart and with understanding there are guidelines to help enhance your body’s own immune system. Through knowledge we gain power! This gives us strength to strive to achieve our best possible outcome.”

“My father was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in June. I gave him the book and it really gave him hope. Because the book is written by another mesothelioma patient it really made a difference for him. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story!”

“Thank you Paul for writing your wonderful book of hope. With all the awful stuff on the internet about this disease, your book is like a ray of sunshine. I also want to thank Cancer Monthly for sending the additional materials about treatments, doctors, clinical trials, and mesothelioma lawyers. It helped me make better decisions.”

“Cancer Monthly has been a wonderful resource in our search for information on what is available and where to find the best possible answers. Now that I finished reading Paul Kraus’ book I have a good understanding of what you are really all about. The world needs more people like you and I feel privileged for your time.”

“Thanks for the information. It was also a pleasure speaking with you. I hope you realize what a special thing you are doing. You have a lot to be proud of…As I said earlier, it’s funny my 31 years of experience in surgery mean nothing dealing with this now, but my conversation with you did. Thanks again.”

“Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to the Kraus’ for the time they gave to all! Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into this. I’m sure many, many folks benefited immensely from what was heard. What a service you have provided to all of us hungry for help! God bless you!”

“I feel so much more hopeful every time I hear about survivors and especially them doing so with immune boosting therapies and other non traditional methods. Thank You so very much!”

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