Paul Kraus, the longest living mesothelioma survivor in the world, used a variety of alternative modalities to survive his diagnosis.  An important one was nutrition.  His book has 15 pages dedicated to this subject.  Here is a brief sampling of some of the factors Paul discusses.  These quotes were taken directly from his book.

Dietary Change

For a cancer patient to make a dietary change makes as much sense as smokers who are diagnosed with lung cancer or heart disease to stop smoking.

Nutritional Evidence

There is plenty of nutritional evidence that diet is one of the key factors that stimulate and activate the body’s own healing activity.

The Body’s Fuel

If food is the body’s fuel then it is self-evident that if we supply our bodies with premium fuel they will function better, including their immune systems.

Positive Outlook

A person who has a strong and positive outlook on life will want to embrace a nutritional regime that will optimize their chances of recovery.

Lifestyle Modifications

Diet and nutritional therapy must be viewed in the overall context of other lifestyle modifications, especially meditation, positive thinking and peer support.  Diet is only one aspect, albeit a vital one, of a total approach to healing.

Nutritional Cancer Therapy

There are a number of basic principles for nutritional cancer therapy upon which most nutritionists and holistic doctors would agree.  These include:

  • The body should be detoxified.
  • Any vitamin and mineral imbalances need to be corrected.
  • Digestion needs to be restored and the diet should consist of only fresh, vital, pure and suitably prepared food.
  • You need to have a positive attitude, both in general and to your diet in particular.


Eating too much of the wrong kinds of fats can impair the body’s ability to heal.


Vegetable juicing is a valuable supplement to a healing diet.  While juicing vegetables is the best source of nutrients to build and regenerate our bodies, eating fruit is the best way to cleanse them.

Anti-Cancer Diets

Thousands of cancer patients follow a whole food dietary regime, or a variation of it – one of the anti-cancer diets that are so similar to a low-fat diet followed by people with a heart condition.  Dietary considerations are one of the basic tools for getting well.