Asbestos Related Occupations | Surviving Mesothelioma


What Are Asbestos Related Occupations?

There are some occupations and environments that are associated with higher than average rates of mesothelioma because workers within these professions were exposed to various asbestos containing products while on the job. Although asbestos has been phased out of many of the products these workers used, there are still many people with these occupational backgrounds that are being diagnosed with mesothelioma every day. These occupations include: Construction Trades, Electrician, Firefighters, Mechanics, Plumbing Trades, Power Houses, Refineries, Teachers, and Veterans. Realtors, do-it-yourselfers and others who are involved in home renovations are also a special category of people who should know how to protect themselves and their loved ones or clients from asbestos containing products in a home.

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