Mesothelioma Treatments Used By 27 Year Survivor…

If I’ve learned anything from surviving mesothelioma for more than 27 years, it’s this…

…Mesothelioma does NOT have to be a death sentence.

Over the last few years I’ve seen more and more people surviving mesothelioma every single day.

And no… it’s not because of some special new drug hidden away in the far corners of Eastern Europe…

…What I’m about to share with you is the entire system behind my survival.

You’ll discover…

  • How I’ve survived mesothelioma for over 27 years and counting… without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery… even though my doctors only gave me a few months to live…
  • The exact mesothelioma treatments and therapies I used to become the longest living survivor in the world…
  • The deadly mistakes I’ve avoided over the last two decades… things that I still avoid to this day…
  • The 3 simple questions to ask your doctor BEFORE starting any new treatment… This is IMPORTANT.
  • How to reduce the side effects from chemotherapy and help your immune system recover so you feel better, faster…
  • The 5 lifestyle changes I made that helped “put the brakes” on my mesothelioma and stop it from growing…
  • An inside look into my “Quality of Life Formula”… You’ll discover how I’ve maintained a good quality of life over the last 27 years… with good energy levels, and almost pain-free… all without depending on addictive drugs or nasty side effects…

You’ll get all of this and more in my book: “Surviving Mesothelioma”… and today you can get a copy for free.

After reading my book, patients from all over the world have written to me and said things like…

This is the book that saved my life. Believe in it. This is my ninth year… no chemo… no radiation… and I’m still kicking because of this book. And I was given months to live when I finally found out what was wrong. Thanks Paul. You gave me hope.

“I have a copy of this book, I am now 6 years since diagnosis of malignant pleural Mesothelioma and feel perfectly normal.”

Over 18,000 mesothelioma patients now have a copy of my book.

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19 Things You Will Discover In The Book “Surviving Mesothelioma”

  1. Why a Mesothelioma Diagnosis is NOT a Death Sentence.
  2. How To Use Your “Silent Healer” Without Causing Any Pain Whatsoever
  3. Why it’s VITAL to Think Positively the #1 Thing You Must Do To Eradicate Negative Thoughts
  4. The Complete How-To-Guide on Adopting the Mindset of a Long-Term Cancer Survivor
  5. The #1 Biggest Mistake Most Patients Make When Trying to Cure Their Cancer vs. Heal Their Cancer… And How to Avoid Making It
  6. The 3 Simple Questions to ask BEFORE Starting any New Treatment
  7. How to Overcome Depression and Despair (HINT: You Possess Them Already)
  8. The Little Known (and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) Treatments Paul Kraus used to Survive
  9. Stress Management Strategies… These Techniques Are Incredibly Simple
  10. The #1 Trick to Banish Fear and How You Can Do it NOW
  11. How to Benefit from the Little Known Principles of Nutritional Cancer Therapy… IF You do it Right
  12. How Music and Laughter can Dramatically Affect Your Health and Help You Heal
  13. The 14 Hidden Keys to Achieve Wellness – No Matter How Fit You Are
  14. The #1 Characteristic Every Mesothelioma Survivor Has
  15. The Simple Trick to Healing Your Lifestyle Right NOW
  16. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into The Myths About Cancer – What They Are & How to Avoid Them
  17. Caution: The Hidden Truth about Anti-Cancer Diets
  18. Cases of Remarkable Recovery and how to Take Advantage of Their Results
  19. The EXACT Decisions Paul Kraus Made to Survive Mesothelioma for Over 27 Years and Counting…

Mesothelioma Cancer Information

Please note: Individual results may vary. Read the full disclaimer here.

What Is Mesothelioma?  Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops from cells of the mesothelium, the lining that covers many of the internal organs of the body. The main purpose of the mesothelium is to produce a lubricating fluid that is released between layers. This fluid provides a slippery and protective surface to allow movement between tissues and organs. For example, it allows the lungs or abdomen to expand and contract smoothly. When the cells of the mesothelium turn cancerous they become mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Treatment Options When a person is diagnosed with mesothelioma, one of the first questions asked is what treatments are available. Treatments are, of course, dependent upon the patient. For mesothelioma they can depend on these factors and others:

  • The type of mesothelioma
  • The stage and cell type
  • The health of the patient
  • The patient’s decisions

Mesothelioma Doctors For a list of mesothelioma doctors in your area, click here.

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