“Mesothelioma Does Not Have To Be A Death Sentence”

My name is Paul Kraus and I have survived mesothelioma for over 20 years.

One day in 1997 at the age of 52, I went to my doctor complaining of a protrusion from my navel. I was quickly diagnosed with an umbilical hernia and referred to a surgeon to have it repaired. I was assured that this was a routine minor procedure. While repairing the hernia, the surgeon noticed that I had extensive tumors growing inside my abdomen.

Later that day, I got the grim news. The surgeon bluntly told me that based on what he had seen, I had widespread cancer and had no hope at all. He also told me that I would have to wait for the pathology report and then see an oncologist.

I waited three weeks with this dreadful news. The surgeon could be wrong I thought. It’s possible, I tried to convince myself. Finally, after 23 days I had my consultation with the oncologist. He told me that I had mesothelioma and that I had less than a year to live.

In the days, weeks and months following my diagnosis…

My wife and I were shocked, fearful, and feeling very vulnerable.

Stress was a major problem. This was especially so when we visited doctors and tried navigating the bewildering and frustrating health system.

We found that the conventional therapies, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, were palliative. This meant they would not cure, but were designed to possibly extend survival time.

Surgery was offered to me, but I was warned that it would be very debilitating and would not cure me. My wife and I immediately researched as thoroughly as we could every aspect of mesothelioma.

I devoted all my energy to convert my ignorance and bewilderment into knowledge that would help me turn this illness around, or at least halt its progress.

I was fiercely determined to do everything I could to remain healthy. My family needed me.

The loving support of my wife and two sons was a strong motivator to stay well. I also had things I wanted to contribute to my fellow human beings. I felt that it was simply not my time to go.

I gradually grew confident in my ability to heal and 20 years later I am still here. In the days following my diagnosis, I knew what I would do. I began…

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19 Things You Will Discover In The Book “Surviving Mesothelioma”

  1. Why a Mesothelioma Diagnosis is NOT a Death Sentence.
  2. The Secret to Using Your “Silent Healer” Without Causing Any Pain Whatsoever
  3. Why it’s VITAL to Think Positively the #1 Thing You Must Do to Erradicate Negative Thoughts
  4. The Complete How-To-Guide on Adopting the Mindset of a Long-Term Cancer Survivor
  5. The #1 Biggest Mistake Most Patients Make When Trying to Cure Their Cancer vs. Heal Their Cancer… And How to Avoid Making It
  6. The 3 Simple Questions to ask BEFORE Starting any New Treatment
  7. The Secrets to Overcoming Depression and Despair (HINT: You Possess Them Already)
  8. The Little Known (and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) Treatments Paul Kraus used to Survive
  9. The Secret to Stress Management and Anxiety… This Technique is Incredibly Simple
  10. The #1 Trick to Banish Fear and How You Can Do it NOW
  11. How to Benefit from the Little Known Principles of Nutritional Cancer Therapy… IF You do it Right
  12. How Music and Laughter can Dramatically Affect Your Health and Help You Heal
  13. The 14 Hidden Keys to Achieve Wellness – No Matter How Fit You Are
  14. The #1 Characteristic Every Mesothelioma Survivor Has
  15. The Simple Trick to Healing Your Lifestyle Right NOW
  16. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into The Myths About Cancer – What They Are & How to Avoid Them
  17. Caution: The Hidden Truth about Anti-Cancer Diets
  18. Cases of Remarkable Recovery and how to Take Advantage of Their Results
  19. The EXACT Decisions Paul Kraus Made to Survive Mesothelioma for Over 20 Years and Counting…

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