Treatment Details – 14.0 months

Survival: 14.0 months
Toxicity Grade:5
Treatments: Surgery
Country:United States
City/State/Province:New York, NY
Hospital:Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Date: 3/2008

Patients: This study involved 663 patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma. There were 538 men and 125 women. The majority of patients reported that they had been exposed to asbestos. They ranged in age from 26-93 years old; the median age was 63.

Treatment: These patients were treated with surgery, either pleurectomy/decortication or extrapleural pneumonectomy. These surgeries are different in that they remove different parts of the effected area of the body.

Toxicity: Grade 3-5 respiratory complication and arrhythmias were reported. The respiratory complications were the most common, reported in 6.4% of patients.

Results: The median overall survival of all patients was 14 months. Patients with different stages of disease/tumors had different survival times, which ranged from 38 months for those with stage I disease to 7 months with stage IV disease.

Support: One author of the study reported consulting fees from Glaxo-SmithKline and Astra Zeneca.

Correspondence: Dr. Raja M. Flores

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