Mesothelioma Breaking News


Study Finds Genes May Influence Site of Mesothelioma Tumors

An analysis of chromosomal abnormalities in people with malignant mesothelioma finds that genes may play a significant role in determining where mesothelioma develops in the body. Mesothelioma is an aggressive malignancy primarily associated with exposure to asbestos dust. It’s most common site is on the pleura, the membrane that surrounds the lungs. The second most […]


Rare Mesothelioma Subtype Less Likely to Respond to Treatment

A new meta-analysis confirms that people with the sarcomatoid type of mesothelioma are less likely to respond to systemic chemotherapy than are people with other histological subtypes. Citing a lack of research on the responsiveness of different types of mesothelioma, scientists with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC […]


Study Suggests Asbestos Bans May Take Decades to Lower Mesothelioma Rates

Italy’s 1992 asbestos ban is expected to cause a significant decrease in the number of mesothelioma cases in the country – but not for at least another decade. Researchers in the Occupational Health Unit of the Local health Authority of Padua reached that conclusion after studying 1,600 Italian pleural mesothelioma cases over a 23 year period. […]

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